• New Xbox 360 Elite Announced

    One of the first big announcements to come out of E3 2010 is a new model for the Xbox 360. It retails for $299.99 and is available starting this week. Changes and additions include:

    • Smaller (by 17%), sleeker, and much quieter console with a new finish
    • Smaller, smoother power brick (135W)
    • Touch-activated buttons for powering on the system and opening/closing the tray
    • Five USB ports (two in the front, three in the back)
    • Kinect port (provides a one cable connection to the yet-to-be-released device)
    • Built-in S/PDIF optical audio port
    • Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
    • New internal (but still easily accessed) 250GB HDD
    • New black controller and headset (similar to current, but these are almost entirely black outside of the guide and face buttons)
    • Memory Unit slots have been removed
    • Kensington lock support

    These are currently in the process of being shipped out to retailers. Amazon will start processing orders for customers tomorrow.

    Update: If the $300 price tag of the new 360 isn't in your budget, it looks like Amazon is clearing out the Xbox 360 Arcade Spring Bundle for $149 + a $50 gaming credit (essentially $99, if you buy your games at Amazon anyway). The bundle includes two games and a wireless controller.

    Update: Microsoft will be offering a $199.99 version of this new model starting in the fall. They will also be offering bundles with the Kinect. There are currently no additional details about these.

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    1. S-T-H's Avatar
      S-T-H -
      Kinect doesn't come out until November. What this model of the console offers for Kinect is a one cable connection. The 360s that are out right now will require an additional power cable to be hooked up to the device as well. I imagine they'll probably have bundles at some point, but remember that this price just includes the new model. Between the two pieces of hardware, I doubt the price would be significantly cheaper if there was a set when the Kinect releases. In other news, the prices of the current 360s out there are supposed to drop a flat $50 all around. This looks like it might start tomorrow.
    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Looks & sounds interesting.
    1. Fecesbot's Avatar
      Fecesbot -
      I hope Microsoft fixed the Red Ring of Death issue for the new model. It would also be nice if this new model doesn't eat up game discs if slightly moved like the old one does.
    1. FirefoxKyuubi's Avatar
      FirefoxKyuubi -
      Nice! I like the look of it, it reminds me of Alienware PCs but thats just me. Wish it added Blu-ray but whatever. Getting one when I can
    1. Thor131's Avatar
      Thor131 -
      I give it a week after release before it's recalled because of some sort of problem.
    1. HAYABUSA-FMW-'s Avatar
      But those "Speed Holes" make it go faster. Vented turbine, intake cooler than compartment engine air, no overclocked burnouts.
    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      Ok, call me dumb if you want, but what does "Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi" mean?
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      In layman's terms, it means it has built-in wireless internet connection.
    1. NanoFox's Avatar
      NanoFox -
      im just hoping youl get to transfer all your save data from your old hard drive to this new internal one @,@
    1. Hatrix's Avatar
      Hatrix -
      Apparently only the center power light can turn red so get ready for the "Red Dot of Death"
    1. goldbrease's Avatar
      goldbrease -
      yes, they removed the red ring so the console is physically incapable of RROD. now it will be the RDOD.
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