• Phantasy Star Universe Xbox 360 Maintenance Details for June 21

    Previously announced for tonight, GGCII winners on the Xbox 360 were slated to have their in-game prizes made available to their common boxes. This has been rescheduled for Monday night's maintenance. Note that while maintenance is usually held on Thursday nights, this one will be held earlier in the week. In addition to the item distribution, the Wedding lobbies and current GBR will be removed and the Sonic lobbies will be posted. Players will have a chance to see Jaggo Sonichi (as well as its available drops) up until July 15. Don't forget to participate in his upcoming birthday event! As a final announcement, there has been another change in schedule. It was stated prior that during this maintenance, Sega would be discontinuing support for players who have not upgraded to Ambition of the Illuminus. A notice has been posted in which they have pushed back the cutoff to a currently undetermined date. It is said that there will be more information on this soon.
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    1. Aztrial's Avatar
      Aztrial -
      So thiz isnt the sub. update?
    1. Just Logan's Avatar
      Just Logan -
      Quoted from http://phantasystaruniverse.com/news_item.php?item=nid131 in regards to needing to upgrade from 1.0 to AOTI.

      "Additionally: As of two months from now (June 21st), version 1.0 users of Phantasy Star Universe (the base version of the game, without the expansion) will no longer have access to the online version of the game. In order to have access, users will need to upgrade to the Ambition of the Illuminus expansion. Please note that Story Mode (offline mode) for version 1.0 will still function."
    1. RappingRappy's Avatar
      RappingRappy -
      no suplimental update maybe we'll get it the day after 2012 goooooo Sega
    1. NeoHybrid's Avatar
      NeoHybrid -
      Major Nelson has announced Sonic 1-3 and Sonic & Knuckles for the XBL Arcade will be marked down to 240 Microsoft points. Its only available on June 24th in celebration of Sonic's Birthday.
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      Sounds like something all across the board. A similar sales event is happening on the PS3. I would only guess the Wii is included, but I haven't heard the news on that yet.
    1. xxmadplayerxx's Avatar
      xxmadplayerxx -
      I hope that when you start the game it takes you straight to the Ambitions of illuminus, So when i join my friends session in progress it wont goto the old one..its so annoying..
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