• Sonic Birthday Event Rewards and Supplemental Update Scheduled for Release

    Edward, a Sega GM, announced today there will be two maintenance periods for the Xbox 360 Phantasy Star Universe servers over the next week. On July 15th, the servers will experience regular maintenance. In addition, the Holy Light Festa lobbies and rewards for the Sonic Birthday Event will be enabled. The Sonic Birthday Event rewards include 3 star luck and a 10% grinding boost for three weeks.

    Holy Light Festa

    The servers will be going offline for an extended maintenance on July 19th so the Supplemental Update, now known as GUARDIANS Advanced Content, can be implemented. The maintenance period will begin much earlier than usual. Details for downloading and applying the update will be made available soon.

    Credit goes to Max_B for bringing us this news. You can discuss this update in this forum thread.

    Update: According to the JP 360 homepage, the Holy Light Festa lobbies will also last for three weeks. Light Festival Décor will be available at the Variety Shop during this time.

    Update: The details of this week's maintenance have been posted to the English homepage. Additionally, instructions have been posted for acquiring next week's major game update.

    Update: The JP 360 homepage has noted the new AOTI requirement date as well as posted a notice of the update early next week.

    Update: The scheduled maintenance is estimated to last from 7 PM PDT to 7 AM PDT according to the JP 360 homepage.

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    1. Kinako78's Avatar
      Kinako78 -
      *sighs sadly* My first year of missing the Holy Light Festa...
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      I'm trying not to call BS here, I really really want to believe the update is coming soon.
      *crosses fingers* Please, pwease pweasseeee~ Updateeeee c'monn~
    1. Kaioken's Avatar
      Kaioken -
      Hey the rule of thumb with Segac is "Believe all of what you see and none of what you hear." When we SEE it, we'll BELIEVE it.
    1. Tenchi-Misaki's Avatar
      Tenchi-Misaki -
      About time. Sega takes their sweet time with everything
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      This comes out a day before Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour. :0
      You should all buy that instead. :0
    1. Omega369's Avatar
      Omega369 -
      I cant wait for this update
    1. -XxDannyBroxX-'s Avatar
      -XxDannyBroxX- -
      Oh My God!!!!! I want this update to come so badly!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I Went to Neudaiz and all the cool decorations werent up *Sad Face*
    1. Daemon Gildas's Avatar
      Daemon Gildas -
      Soo.... are they not going to be giving away *any* items this year, for Sonic's Birthday? If not, that's a major disappointment; this is my first year of actually being online for it :*(
    1. Criss's Avatar
      Criss -
      This is what I've been waiting for for over a year.
      If they hadn't shut down the PC servers I'd totally be renewing my subscription right now. Oh well.
    1. Akira956's Avatar
      Akira956 -
      I want this update to come so badly
    1. NeoHybrid's Avatar
      NeoHybrid -
      Updated expansion is available for download right now.
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