• Phantasy Star Universe Release Details for Xbox 360 Games on Demand

    As of today (August 3rd), PSU has been released digitally for Xbox 360 in all non-Asian Xbox Live regions. This download is a 1:1 replacement for the original PSU disc released in 2006 and totals 6.45 GB in size. It can be purchased using either a direct monetary amount or in Microsoft Points (by pressing the Y Button before payment). Pricing for a few of the regions is as follows:

    • US: $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points
    • CA: $19.99 or 1360 Microsoft Points
    • EU: 19.99 or 1680 Microsoft Points
    • UK: 14.99 or 1840 Microsoft Points

    Additionally, PSU will be released for Games on Demand in Japan on August 17th. It will cost 2940 or 2000 Microsoft Points. At that point, the game will be available digitally everywhere that the AOTI expansion is currently available for download.

    Thanks to Lunacara, au, and green man for information on equivalent Microsoft Point values.

    Update: Amazon has 1600 Microsoft Points for $16.54, essentially providing a nice discount for this download. Enjoy!

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    1. Neith's Avatar
      Neith -
      US has it cheap, in comparison to UK and Japan.
      I would have considered it, but 1800+ MS Points? Seems a little steep.
    1. Imatron_'s Avatar
      Imatron_ -
      I was kind of expecting it to be about this price, which isnt too bad. I was hoping theyd take it down to 15. Im debating on what to do, Ive already got two or three copies but maybe the 20 bucks is worth it so Im not constantly switcing the disc back and forth? Maybe I could donate the extra copies to PSO world, if the staff could in turn use them as prrizes or something? Now if only they'd patch the first menu screen so it would take you directly to the AOTI login screen since it's required now anyway, who else is tired of going through the menu screen twice XP
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      Purchasing with Microsoft points is the way to go. With 1600 points for $16.54, it's like getting 17% off the price of the game (in the US).

      Regardless, very cool to see this finally hit games on demand.
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      Essentially the game has the platinum price now, and im glad to see it get a err re-release
    1. US Stealth Ops's Avatar
      US Stealth Ops -
      I think the price is good personally, its about the same at game stop. The disc is rare to find in a store as it is. But now that they made the illuminus update free and the game available on games on demand I hope a lot more people will get on and it will raise the population of this game.
    1. HyperShot-X-'s Avatar
      HyperShot-X- -
      Hopefully we get more JP players on board with the release on Aug 17, they might be attracted to PSU on Xbox360 with no GC system in place and a few other reasons.
    1. Eder's Avatar
      Eder -
      For some reason its listed but when I try and buy it it wont let me.
    1. HyperShot-X-'s Avatar
      HyperShot-X- -
      If you're in JP region, it's probably the usual Live release delay, the price gets updated later on in the day for purchase. If you're in any other region then you must eject the PSU disc out of your xbox drive 1st(if you had it inside) in order to purchase digital version.
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