• PSP2 Demo Hits US Playstation Store Featuring Story Chapter One & Multiplayer

    You've watched the trailer, seen the screenshots, and maybe even played the import. Now, as we get even closer to the US release of Phantasy Star Portable 2, you can get your first taste of the localized version of the game. The PSP2 demo is here!

    Released on the US PSN store earlier this evening and weighing in at 342MB, the PSP2 demo features the first chapter of the game's story mode and also includes support for both ad-hoc and online multiplayer (available to everyone, unlike the Japanese PSP2 demo). In addition, players can import their original Phantasy Star Portable character, granting them two bonus items; a slot unit with a visual bonus and Exam Saber.

    As part of the announcement about the demo, it was also revealed that each copy of PSP2 will include a unique, one-time code that will be linked to players' PSN accounts. Registering this code will allow players unlimited lifetime access to the game's online mode, no subscriptions or fees required.

    Feel free to drop by our PSP2 Forum, where a demo discussion is already underway! You can also visit our Official Phantasy Star Portable 2 Pre-Order Thread / FAQ for the latest release date information and pre-order buzz.

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    1. Immovable One's Avatar
      Immovable One -
      I wonder how I'll get my copy when I haven't given them my address XD
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      Time to play this demo again, now in readable 'o' vision
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      Yeah, the demo's actually very enjoyable now that I can finally read what's going on/what I'm picking up. PSP2 definitely is living up to my expectations. I plan to pre-order it soon.
    1. ZeroXmp's Avatar
      ZeroXmp -
      i want more.
    1. Curindensetsu's Avatar
      Curindensetsu -
      i am so on this.
    1. Curindensetsu's Avatar
      Curindensetsu -
      just thought id let you all know that there are 4 visual slot units in all for importing a char. a different one depending on which class you chose your import char to be. they are as follows with a description.
      hunter - Cosmic Particle C - space like aura,
      ranger - Brightness Circle C - glowing ring around char,
      force - Flower Art C - flower aura,
      Vanguard - Whitill Wing - glowing energy wings,
      Also i love this game. =)
    1. BigB's Avatar
      BigB -
      For that PSN code when you get the game. Do you have to have PSN or PS3 for that code to work? I don't have PS3....
    1. viewtifulbo's Avatar
      viewtifulbo -
      is there a way that you can download the demo without connecting to wifi?
    1. KamiKazeKenji's Avatar
      KamiKazeKenji -
      OMG OMG OMG! Downloading now!
      Can't wait for the US release!!!
    1. JCGamer's Avatar
      JCGamer -
      T.T is kinda mess up that sega goes and do this now.They really need to do something about this. Dont they know some of ppl don't have an psp or ps3 for that matter. They all need to DO IS get there buff off and make new Phastany Star for the xbox & PS3 console and catch up some of the story.
    1. Tenchi-Misaki's Avatar
      Tenchi-Misaki -
      well its about time. Time to see whats in store for us when the full game releases. "Downloading demo...now"
    1. FOkyasuta's Avatar
      FOkyasuta -
      I Wish My Psp Worked!
    1. Tenchi-Misaki's Avatar
      Tenchi-Misaki -
      This game is way too awesome. 2nd day playing and it only makes me more anxious to get the full game
    1. Lumpen Thingy's Avatar
      Lumpen Thingy -
      glad i just got a psp
    1. Shadydemented1's Avatar
      Shadydemented1 -
      anyone know any of the terminal codes for the us version?
    1. Tel Megiddo's Avatar
      Tel Megiddo -
      The game connects to the internet via your wireless connection. You won't need a PS3 to play this game online with friends, but you will need a PSN account, which is free btw.
    1. Seth Astra's Avatar
      Seth Astra -
      So... You're saying that all people have an Xbox or PS3? Cause what if they don't have either of those? A PSP is cheeper for guys who get the system because of a game they want (such as I am with PSP2), while I wouldn't even consider getting an Xbox or PS3, between the cost and the fact that I really don't want either.
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