• Sega of Japan Renews Phantasy Star Online 2 Domain Name

    Shougai PSO, a Japanese fansite, posted an article today noting that Sega of Japan has renewed the registration for pso2.jp. With the looming 10th anniversary of the original release of Phantasy Star Online, some fans are taking this as a clue for the possible future direction the franchise may take. Hopefully, this will prove to be more than a standard domain name renewal.

    Credit goes to Ryuodo and Mike for alerting us to this news. You can discuss the possible ramifications of this news in this forum thread.

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    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      *crosses fingers* Please don't let the new Phantasy Star console game (if there will be one) be a PSO remake and/or sequel. PLEASE.
    1. Ezodagrom's Avatar
      Ezodagrom -
      Well, I wouldn't mind a sequel to PSO, as long as there's completely new areas, or new areas based on old ones, but still different from the PSO areas, as long as the gameplay is a huge improvement over what is already in PSPo2...and...as long as it's a completely new game and not a remake, even if it uses Ragol.
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      With a domain name like pso2.jp, it's pretty hard not to be a sequel.
    1. HeartBreak301's Avatar
      HeartBreak301 -
      It would be nice to see area percents and TP make a return. This element and PP stuff is too much of a hassle, as well as grinding and synthing.
    1. Endu_Landale's Avatar
      Endu_Landale -
      ...I just dropped a load of rainbows in my pants...
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      Ehh, the thing with me is: I want an entirely new planet(s) and story. I think PSP2 was a good place to end the Gurhal Saga, and I don't really want to see Ragol again, and Algol has been out of the picture since PSIV. I want a completely new Phantasy Star experience. That's just my feelings, though.
    1. Dragwind's Avatar
      Dragwind -
      This could be a potentially amazing hint at something great to come...
      or it could be Sega simply trying to secure a domain name for no serious reason.
    1. SubstanceD's Avatar
      SubstanceD -
      As much as I love Phantasy Star Portable and as much as I am looking forward to Phantasy Star Portable 2 I'm still waiting for a proper Online Phantasy Star game to apear on the Home Consoles and the PC ( and PSU does not count ). This news gives me hope that Sega still has somthing big planned for PSO's 10th year anniversary.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      Ehn...I'm also hoping it's a new game but already sounds like a sequel. They really need to stop riding on pso to save their asses and make something new and good.
      Can't agree with those OMG CLASSIC PS, or PSO REMAKE PLZ people either. =__=
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      Yes. Sega needs to stop kissing PSO's ass (and the rabid "PSO was the best game ever period!" fanboy's, too) and just make a completely new title, with no connection (other than maybe small references here and there) to any other PS game.
    1. Seasqwaa's Avatar
      Seasqwaa -
      What do you mean by, "completely new"?
      Are you saying it shouldn't even relate to the phantasy star universe at all?
      None of it?
      I thought we were all on this site because we were all fans of the game?
      Completely changing the games background, mechanics, etc. would make it as if it weren't even in the same series.
      We're all fond of the series, yet, you want want something completely different?
      I'll take more of the same really. As long as it's still PS.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      New as in new series same franchise, like PSU is to PSO, or PSZ is to PSU. relying on PSO just makes it look like they can't make PS good anymore which is not true if they fixed a lot of things in psp2. instead of pushing older games into expansions and sequels I just wanna see the next step. Either way of COURSE it's still PS.
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      ^Yes, that's what I was talking about. I was speaking strictly story-wise, not about the franchise as a whole. As for being on this site because I love Phantasy Star, of course. Well, PSU & PSP at least. I never was a fan of PSO. PSZ is all right, too. Also, no, I don't want it to relate to PSU at all. Or PSO. Or any other Phantasy Star title previous to it. I want a brand-spankin' new story/characters/experience. The only thing I would want unchanged (story-wise) is good ol' Dark Falz.
    1. HUnewearl_Meira's Avatar
      HUnewearl_Meira -
      If it follows the pattern, then the next game will take after PSO (mechanically), and unite Classic Phantasy Star, PSO and PSU together. If it follows the pattern.
      Personally, I could go for a resurrection of PSO, or I could go with a new story, either way, so long as they stay away from PSU's god-awful crafting system, and make the presentation of the story more akin to PSO.
    1. Hucast-Kireek's Avatar
      Hucast-Kireek -
      About time! PSO was the most successful of the Phantasy Star games and now its getting the sequel it deserves! but it could be a new game altogether!
    1. qoxolg's Avatar
      qoxolg -
      I hope it will follow in PSO's footsteps, at least when it comes to style and art direction. The whole animu style of the new PS series isn't really grabbing my attention. I always liked the more mature look of PSO. Though they should put in some the better game mechanics of the new PS games.
      Can't wait to make art for it
    1. XFroG2's Avatar
      XFroG2 -
      This could well be an xbox live downloadable version of pso - lots of old sega titles are making their way to the marketplace....
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      actually the 360 is getting dreamcast games this year on xbla, eg sonic adventure, comes in 2 versions DC and GC port, according to leaked images, so what if pso came on but was hosted for free using xbox live to play instead of hunters fee? now that would be awsome, another thing, hopefully we get properly optimized engines for each platofrm this time around
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