• Unlock the Alis Landale Poster with PSO-World's Exclusive PSP2 Item Code

    It's Phantasy Star Portable 2 item code giveaway time! Our friends over at Sega were kind enough to pass along this PSOW-exclusive code which, when used, will unlock the Alis Landale poster from their recent PSP2 fan art contest.

    The poster, shown below, was one of two entries selected from the contest to appear in the Western release of Phantasty Star Portable 2 and, coincidentally, was also submitted by PSOW member Immovable One (we're so proud).

    PSOW's exclusive PSP2 item code will get you this sweet Alis Landale poster!
    Alis Landale was the lead character from the first Phantasy Star, have you played it?

    To redeem the code and get your poster, simply enter the numbers 4132 5468 into the Visiphone located in-game in your player room. The Visiphone can be accessed via the console beside your MySynth and the code can be entered by choosing the "Password Entry" option.

    A big thanks goes out to RubyEclipse and Sega! We hope everyone enjoys their poster! For more PSP2 item codes and tips as they become available, be sure to hit up the PSP2 Forum!

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    1. Pavichokche's Avatar
      Pavichokche -
      Will the rappy poster become available [eventually] as well?
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      I'm on this one....yesterday.
    1. PSO fan 360's Avatar
      PSO fan 360 -
      54684698 - The Rappy of Hope
    1. DARKSOLBADGUY's Avatar
      hey this is a nice pic and the rappy is cool.
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