• New Phantasy Star Trademarks Discovered

    Japanese news site Shougai PSO has just posted information regarding two brand new Phantasy Star-related trademarks! These two trademarks, Phantasy Star: Eternal Hunters and Phantasy Star: Eternal Planets, were filed by SEGA of Japan on August 17, 2010. Both are listed as class 9 trademarks (electrical and scientific apparatuses), so they could be potential names for new games, audio CDs or other media. No other information is known about these titles at the moment, but stay tuned, as we'll post the latest news about them as it surfaces! In the meantime, join in the ongoing discussion of this topic at the forum.
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    1. Seth Astra's Avatar
      Seth Astra -
      These make me think there's going to be some kind of anime/movie/book/whatever... IDK why. But the theory of them being expansions sounds pretty valid, too.
    1. zandra117's Avatar
      zandra117 -
      I'm getting the blue version with the Al-Rappy on the cover.
    1. JCGamer's Avatar
      JCGamer -
      :/ be nice if they have English version of the website cuz is useless for someone like myself . plus my translator dont help any :/
    1. 8BitGinno's Avatar
      8BitGinno -
      Would be nice if this meant Phantasy Star was coming to the 3DS.
      One could only hope.
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      i can smell new trash coming out, please dont suck sega, plz
    1. DerekXZ's Avatar
      DerekXZ -
      New PS stuff? One can only hope Sega dont jack this one up.
    1. HUMARS's Avatar
      HUMARS -
      If you are referring to PS Zero as the trash than no they wont mess up again, PS Zero was purely just to let us know that they are still working on new ideas for the series and to get more people into the franchise so they can make more money when they do release the real game
    1. rappyman95's Avatar
      rappyman95 -
    1. Norco's Avatar
      Norco -
      I want which ever version that drops Lavis Cannon/Synchesta and/or Double Cannon ^_^
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      It's not bad that I enjoyed a lot of the ideas from Zero, is it?
      I miss the spell system, gunblades and shield PAs
    1. zandra117's Avatar
      zandra117 -
      I looked more into this and Eternal Hunters is a category 9 trademark while Eternal Planets is a category 41 trademark.
      Category 41 falls under animation / play / drama / etc…
      So yeah, PS Anime.
    1. Seth Astra's Avatar
      Seth Astra -
      Huh, I was right? Sweet! Now, to start caring about anime... Wait... This probably won't come to the US, will it? Ah well, now I don't have to start caring about anime.
    1. HUMARS's Avatar
      HUMARS -
      Its not that it was a horrible game it was just not as good compared with other Phantacy Star games
    1. HUnewearl_Meira's Avatar
      HUnewearl_Meira -
      Actually, category 9 is "Electrical and scientific apparatus" and category 41 is "Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities." (source)
      It sounds like one is a disc or cartridge, and the other is an online service. Just a guess.
    1. Omega_Weltall's Avatar
      Omega_Weltall -
      *crosses fingers* Please be Phantasy Star 5! Please be Phantasy Star 5! Please be Phantasy Star 5! >_<
    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      im hoping for a PS 5 as well!
    1. Pioneer1111's Avatar
      Pioneer1111 -
      Truest statement you've ever said.
      But I did like several ideas, except the charging of spells and attacks.... that sucked. Give me Rafoie and Grants (PSO style) or GTFO. But really, I look forward to ANY future PS game, so long as they follow the examples of PS1 through PS4, and PSO.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      I hope it's not some fanboy-overrated garbage like Phantasy Star 5. :0
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