• PSOBB Coming to a Close; PSO2 Trial on the Horizon?

    After six years of service, the Japanese Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst game servers are coming to a close. Here is a brief synopsis of how the final two months will play out.
    • November 29: Hunters License sales and usage of all special access codes halted.
    • November 30 - December 27: Free access to the game servers.
    • December 14 - December 27: Special bonuses applied (rare drops x10, rare enemies x5, EXP x2).
    • December 27: Servers go offline at 4:00p.m. JST.
    But fear not, you enduring Hunters of Ragol! In that same announcement, SonicTeam mentions that they are in discussions to grant access to a Phantasy Star Online 2 "user participation test" (among other things) to Japanese PSOBB subscribers at a later time. No further details are known at the moment, but stay tuned. We'll be posting more information as it surfaces! In the meantime, jump in the ongoing discussion of this news at the forum.
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    1. r00tabaga's Avatar
      r00tabaga -
      Ok, so are Western players gonna be able to play this game at all??? I have not heard anything of a US/EU PSO2 game yet! WTF? I really hope we don't get teased again.
      Any screenshots yet?
    1. HUnewearl_Meira's Avatar
      HUnewearl_Meira -
      Well, the teaser video we got at TGS mentioned "Global Support". That sounds like a dead indication of global availability, to me.
    1. starmud's Avatar
      starmud -
      exciting n__n
      theres also a video interview online with a SOA community manager saying that pso2 will follow phantasy star zero vs PSU. im actually holding hope now that the game will be a real PSO game in vein of the dreamcast games.
    1. Zarode's Avatar
      Zarode -
      Damn well hope so, and the return of Word Select.
      Bring on the good times, and free gifts from random Japanese players who love giving away free rares. Man I miss the GC days.
    1. MagraiserPR's Avatar
      MagraiserPR -
      Ok im kinda lost here cuz didnt PSOBB servers close a long time ago??? ive been playing it on the private severs and ive never heard that they were closing so what gives?
    1. Bomber The Cosmonaut's Avatar
      Bomber The Cosmonaut -
      They're talking about the Japanese PSOBB servers.
    1. r00tabaga's Avatar
      r00tabaga -
      OK, Ruby said it'll be more like PSzero...huh? I was hoping for "more like PSO". I thought that PSzero was too geared towards kids IMO. The default characters were laim and way too cartoony. I know the DS is limited but to say that I'm excited for PSO2 (or PSzero-HD) on PC/only would be a lie. I really hope they bring something more mature is all. Otherwise I'll just stick with PSPo2 & INfinity.
    1. bns1991's Avatar
      bns1991 -
      Finally the ball has begun to roll....
    1. MegaZoneXE's Avatar
      MegaZoneXE -
      This is how you end a server with an announcement of the successor!
    1. raikou's Avatar
      raikou -
      Same here.
    1. Seth Astra's Avatar
      Seth Astra -
      I think that was meant in regards to gameplay. From what I understand, PSZ came as an advancement of the origional PSO's gameplay, as opposed to continuing PSU's.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      Ugh...if they're following the pso/psz game engine instead of making a new one or using psp2's it better be made a hell of a lot faster and smoother...Hopefully they're just starting from scratch again without making it annoying like pso's or boring like psu's.
    1. Stan64's Avatar
      Stan64 -
      Woooh! I'm actually still paying for the japanese version of PSOBB... I haven't had it installed for two years now.. XD
    1. JCGamer's Avatar
      JCGamer -
      what the point >.> of all that if we cant even play it cuz is a jp server.only hope we have is the pso:bbrivate server, but even that we not aloud to say this in website >.>
    1. masterchief72's Avatar
      masterchief72 -
      hey man im sry bout yo luck
      i mean i dnt even have the JS version installed on my pc at all
      im sure theres an american version but ive only played it like once ithink
      but ya io dnt have the jap version on my pc
    1. masterchief72's Avatar
      masterchief72 -
      pso was never ever annoying ight?
      fo sho
      fo real
      and as far as PSU goes i like PSU but pso will be and fo ever will the best
      Long Live da king long live da king
      phantasy star online xbox
      Episode 1&2
      boi ya
      oh ya
    1. masterchief72's Avatar
      masterchief72 -
      what you talkin about here
      i mean what you mean by PSZ
      if youre talkin bout phantasy star zero for the DS or DSI
      then i play that one
      but not very many people even get on it
      i mean ive only seen like maybe 3 people have gotten on it
      lets see
      me, my friend c_rese19 who i be known since 2004.
      then theres my other friend tristan who i played pso xbox
      and then theres another guy but i tried to get his user name and or id code but he left after a while when him and i played
      in other words i dnt have a mic for it
      nor a lil key board
    1. masterchief72's Avatar
      masterchief72 -
      hey man dnt knock phantasy star zero
      i play dat game
      i mean come on whats the deal w/ you people knockin phantasy star zero
      you dnt have da guts and or glory to play it or something?
      i like RPG's ight?
      and all i can say is phhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttt
      lmao hahahahahahaahahahahahah
    1. masterchief72's Avatar
      masterchief72 -
      have you even played the american version or american servers?
    1. masterchief72's Avatar
      masterchief72 -
      hmm i dnt know on that one. ive never been on their servers either
      i mean i have tried to get on their servers and i failed
      ive even had a friend of mine help me and it was all too confusin for me
      i mean if someone is willin to help me get started and all id be playin psoBB or or
      even play on the gamecube version w/ a sch server of course
      along w/ a BB adapter and an internet connection
      boi ya
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