• Have You Ever Wanted to Sleep with Karen Erra?

    Rie Tanaka, the voice actress for Karen Erra in the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Universe, announced on her Twitter feed that a body pillow cover of her will be made available in the near future. Here is a preview image of the pillow cover:

    Rie Tanaka Pillow Cover
    Don't worry about the age factor, she is 31 years old.

    No price has been announced yet. If you do buy the pillow cover, be sure to pick up the Rie Tanaka Trading Card set.

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    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      Honestly, I think it's a little conceited of Ms. Tanaka to make a body pillow, trading card set, etc. of herself. But, if people will buy (and they most certainly will) it, it will be made.
    1. RubyEclipse's Avatar
      RubyEclipse -
      Only in Japan.
    1. DarkPhoton's Avatar
      DarkPhoton -
      I always find this kinda stuff disturbing...
      You would have to be a reaaaaaly lonely individual for that stuff...
      Or just never have anyone over at your place...ever.
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      <-- bought it already XD
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      Yes and... yes! lol, this stuff amuses me XD
    1. Zelendria_Ru's Avatar
      Zelendria_Ru -
      I think she's wonderful. =) She has SO many credits to her name, but the one that really made me "fall in love" was Chii from Chobits. =)
    1. Pavichokche's Avatar
      Pavichokche -
    1. Blueblur's Avatar
      Blueblur -
      So damn creepy.
    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      Yea, this is just annoying that this is on the PSOWORLDS front news page! I always thought PSOWORLD catered to our PS fans, not to some sick product line. creepy.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      No bikini version? D:
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      I'm a lonely individual, who almost never has anyone over, but I still wouldn't even dream of getting something like that. Maybe a regular hugging pillow with no designs on it, but not one with a person on it.
    1. 8BitGinno's Avatar
      8BitGinno -
      I'd actually prefer a body pillow of Karen Erra.. If at all of course. Cough..
    1. chibiLegolas's Avatar
      chibiLegolas -
      Well, at least she's in her pajamas and not a swimsuite (or something similiar).
      Fictional characters are ok as body pillows. I've seen plenty of anime character ones, but to put a real person's image on one? Kinda crosses the line, no?
    1. Zarode's Avatar
      Zarode -
      That is totally not creepy at all.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      Novices, Real life image pillows aren't any newer than hand drawn girl ones. 8D /fap fap fap
    1. Mantiskilla's Avatar
      Mantiskilla -
    1. goldbrease's Avatar
      goldbrease -
      this is what i was going to say
    1. Yurka_Maku's Avatar
      Yurka_Maku -
      meh, whatever makes money really...
    1. Roger Triton's Avatar
      Roger Triton -
      no blow up doll? damn.
    1. 16085k's Avatar
      16085k -
      I want like 10
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