• Phantasy Star Universe Turns 4 Years Old in North America

    Phantasy Star Universe is officially four years old in North America! Released On October 25, 2006, Phantasy Star Universe has received numerous updates, events, and two expansions have been released over the years. Long gone are the days of Moatoob being locked, terrible synth rates, slow Photon Arts leveling, abysmal drop rates, and weapons being erased after a failed grind. After all this time, several of the most unappealing factors of the game have been refined to make the game more enjoyable.

    Within the last year, the Xbox 360 version has experienced a Renaissance with the release of Guardians Advance Content and the free digital release of Ambition of the Illuminus. This has resulted in the expansion of the server population. Xbox 360 players can continue to look forward to the release of new missions, items, and events. Even with the shutdown of the regional PC/Playstation 2 servers, the game still remains popular.

    Even though no formal celebrations or events have been scheduled for the fourth North American anniversary of Phantasy Star Universe, this milestone is still a time for reflection. If you've been with the game since the beginning, you've undoubtedly made numerous friends and acquaintances. As time has gone on, several of those friends have probably disappeared for various reasons. These reasons could include life, work, school, and lack of interest. Even in spite of this, you continue to play and make new friends. What is it that drives the dedicated player? Without doubt, it has to be the social experience and unique features that the game offers. There is no other game like Phantasy Star Universe on the market. It is made all the more enjoyable by playing with good friends. While others play for reasons such as item hunting, the instant and social nature of the game is intoxicating.

    Even though four years may be an eternity in gaming time, Phantasy Star Universe continues to expand and entertain. May the game enjoy continued success as it enters its fifth year.

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    1. raikou's Avatar
      raikou -
      Happy 4th PSU and hopefully many more to come.
    1. Kaioken's Avatar
      Kaioken -
      Been here since day one. Seen a lot of people come and go. Not many people around that remember when Moon atomizer X boards were rare. When the level cap was 50. When joining random parties, rare items and normal items were always set on 'give to finder' (<-- lol ). When 5 star weapons were the best in the game and Hunter, Ranger and Force were the only 3 job classes available. Fire break (on the Xbox 360) still remains the best time in my opinion compared to any events and content released up to now. There were 30 universes back then and the top 3 were always 5 stars with atleast one star in every universe when that was going on. The content releases have gotten slower and slower over the years, but socializing with the friends made over time is what keeps the game alive. Happy 4th PSU.
    1. mykul2010's Avatar
      mykul2010 -
      Just joined PSU XBOX in August LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! met some new XBOX LIVE friends because of it and the game is very addicting lol I'm glad to hear you are keeping it longer don't know what I would do without it. lol
    1. Kaiser4356's Avatar
      Kaiser4356 -
      4th Anniversary huh? man how time flies. To think i first started on ps/2 server when the game first came out. Then it got shut down and after few months i returned to the xbox version. Shame alot of people are rude on there. But its great to be back to the game.
    1. BLACKFOX216's Avatar
      BLACKFOX216 -
      when is the next event coming out can somebody tell us thank you
    1. Tyebris's Avatar
      Tyebris -
      I find it pretty pathetic.... No 4th anniversery scheduled. bahh. What do they have to do? Change three japanese enemies names into english!? Yet we'll receive the event when the game is 6 years old. They say that's there method for keeping people hooked. I'd just say not a single person is even working on it.
    1. Deco_Bryl's Avatar
      Deco_Bryl -
      That was a beautiful write-up, Ryna. Thanks! Here's to you, PSU.
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