• PSP2 Little Wing License Update

    The regional Phantasy Star Portable 2 servers are in the process of receiving a patch that will fix certain deficiencies in the servers' authentication checking code. It was previously possible to get online without having a valid Little Wing License. This flaw is being corrected. RubyEclipse, a member of the Sega Community Team, posted the following about the update:

    "Good news - this update has just gone live!

    To clarify again on the specifics:
    • All users now need the code granted within the retail copy of the game or which was automatically awarded when purchased digitally to access the online servers. This code has been updated, so you will need to download it once more. (Download history should work.)
    • If you've already entered a code and are getting errors logging in, you can redownload the code and this should automatically take care of things.
    • New users to the online servers from today forward should automatically download the new code, meaning they won't have to download twice. (I haven't been able to test this yet, but this is the dev team's intention.)
    As with any patch or update that affects connectivity, I'm sure there may be some people who have trouble getting online - so if that's you, please also feel free to contact us at http://help.sega.com for customer service if you're having any trouble with your code."

    According to RubyEclipse's latest post, this update has gone live in the UK and needs "one final tweak" before it goes live in the United States.

    You can comment on this server update in this forum thread.

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    1. FOkyasuta's Avatar
      FOkyasuta -
      Bye bye pirate's. Nice not knowing ya.
    1. triggerayrn's Avatar
      triggerayrn -
      iv looked all throw my dawnlode history and i cant find it anywhere 8( will it allow me to re enter my code?
    1. triggerayrn's Avatar
      triggerayrn -
      i just re enter the code it did not work wot should i do now ? as iv explained in the other post iv cheeked my dawn-lode history and i cant find it there 8( im rely stuck hear eney help would be appreciated
    1. GirrMan66's Avatar
      GirrMan66 -
      i played with a modder and a pirate and it was horrible since im only lvl 23
      so thank you for the update sega
    1. Oniyoru's Avatar
      Oniyoru -
      Now a use to that code =p
      No pirates, less cheaters, more fun =D
    1. triggerayrn's Avatar
      triggerayrn -
      (before ppl says i DO own the officially game ) i don't need help now it seams to be working fine online i was just worried because i couldn't re download my code agen throw my PSN dawn lode history or from the code in My book for the game
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      Hey~! I'm a pirate! Well, not in the usual sense. I just like to dress like one and yell "ARRRR!!!" :3
      Glad I paid for my copy, lol. If only we could get rid of the "Looking for gf, GIRLS ONLY!" people XD
    1. dmasden's Avatar
      dmasden -
      when is this going to go live in the states I want to play online but are afraid of hackers this update will finnaly get rid of them
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