• Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters Revealed!

    You may remember our news post from October detailing information on two recently-discovered Phantasy Star trademarks. Now through various Japanese game news sources, such as Gpara.com and 4Gamer.net, SonicTeam have unveiled one of the two titles.

    Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters is a Japan-exclusive mobile game app being hosted through the Japanese service Mobage Town. Categorized as a "region-based" RPG, this game lets players undertake the investigation of an unknown planet where they must carry out a top secret mission gathering data and investigating a ship which had to make an emergency landing on the planet. The application utilizes your phone's GPS capabilities to determine what type of monsters you will encounter, so as you move from area to area across Japan, you will discover new monsters to battle. Furthermore, Eternal Hunters will be linked with the upcoming Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, letting you obtain exclusive weapons for use in the PSP title.

    Eternal Hunters is slated for release on Japanese mobile devices this winter. Pre-registration has begun, and a lucky 30,000 registrants will be selected for an early trial run of the game. Once service of the full game begins, it will be free to play, however you will have the option to purchase items for use in the game.

    Thanks goes out to DarK-SuN for posting information on this title. Check out the thread to join in the discussion!

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    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      ooOoooh, where does that plot sound familiar~? *Cue raging pso fanboys*
    1. -XxDannyBroxX-'s Avatar
      -XxDannyBroxX- -
      wow i thought sega would make something good but instead they make a stupid mobile phone app. >=(
    1. Forever Zero's Avatar
      Forever Zero -
      Well, that was a waste of a Phantasy Star game. :/
    1. Drac_Mazoku's Avatar
      Drac_Mazoku -
      Another disapointment for the Phantasy Star franchise. But hey, it's been like that even since Sakai took control of the franchise, so what was I expecting anyway.
    1. W0LB0T's Avatar
      W0LB0T -
      There is no such thing as games on mobile phones
    1. raikou's Avatar
      raikou -
      I wish Sega of JP would listen to us the fans for once. Games on a phone what a waste.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      Wait what? they're already working on pso2 >_> you guys expect them to pull a kingdom hearts and make like 8 sidegames before the next big one? @_@ Cellphone sounds more rewarding than a novel or crappy anime ova...(at least with psu's story it'd be crappy.)
    1. Manticore's Avatar
      Manticore -
      Not surprising, from what I understand mobile gaming is very popular in japan, and It sounds like a fun concept. Here's hoping one day we can get something interesting like this in the US.
    1. Seth Astra's Avatar
      Seth Astra -
      Considering what it is, I highly doubt it'd be possible to port to a handheld.
    1. HUMARS's Avatar
      HUMARS -
      It would be a bit annoying though, because certain creatures would only be in certain areas, so lets say you wanted an item but the creature that dropped it is in california and you live on the east coast.
    1. Rukyius's Avatar
      Rukyius -
      that would be awsome to travel around ur local area+ and find new stuff in game. heh heh i think we found our next gen in hand held gameing.
    1. raikou's Avatar
      raikou -
      Geocaching kinda.
    1. RenzokukenZ's Avatar
      RenzokukenZ -
      Here's hoping Phantasy Star Eternal Planets is something far better...
    1. Kurono's Avatar
      Kurono -
      Sounds cool, will be on the look out for videos and stuff when it launches. They're doing the same thing with Shenmue too, hope they launch something like Mobage town outside of Japan, for those of us who want in on the fun too.
    1. TheBlackMage's Avatar
      TheBlackMage -
      Honestly I'd rather have an anime series instead of a cell phone game that's never coming stateside. At least with an anime series, everyone can watch it.
      Also Here's to hoping that this isn't a sign that PSP2i is going to be JP only.
    1. BIG OLAF's Avatar
      BIG OLAF -
      lolwut? ^Must be one of those raging PSO fanboys that Michaeru warned us about a few comments up.
    1. NoiseHERO's Avatar
      NoiseHERO -
      non-canon ova filled with PSU's boring cast of characters and corney anime humor...? eehhhnnn, different stroke I guess. Sounds crappy to me (I doubt they'd make a whole series.)
    1. Oniyoru's Avatar
      Oniyoru -
      I dun think its a waste...I think its an interesting idea...I would buy that for my cell phone if it was released here (What I know it wont) and have a bit of fun with it every once in a while (specially during travels)
      Since we are already waiting for PSP2i and PSO2, this one is more like a bonus =p
    1. darkfalz32's Avatar
      darkfalz32 -
      true. there are only gimmicks and money wasters on phones
    1. HyperShot-X-'s Avatar
      HyperShot-X- -
      such a big name trademark used up for a mobile phone app indeed, pfff. What next? PS Eternal Planets on PDAs and I-Pads?? Do all of that and then rush to finish up PSO2 beta by deadline this year 2011 and hope it turns out epic? yeah, Square Enix has done that with FFXIV, who is Sega to not follow the same path?
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