• PSO-World Celebrates 10 Years of Phantasy Star Coverage!

    Back in January of 2001, PSO-World was created with the vision that it would not only serve the entire Phantasy Star community, but be run by the community as well. Ten years later, the site is still here doing what it was meant to do from the day its virtual doors were first opened, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many different people who have helped carry the torch over the last decade. A lot of things can happen over ten years. People come and go, web sites appear and disappear, and a TON of games get released. We've been fortunate enough to see many Phantasy Star games over the last ten years, and even more fortunate that PSO-World and its outstanding community have been here for the entire ride.

    With this milestone behind us, we enter a new era for PSO-World and its community. We have a lot to look forward to in the future of Phantasy Star and the site. Phantasy Star Online 2 is on the horizon and a steady stream of other titles has given us plenty to work on. It's time for us to take things to the next level once again, to better serve the fans that have continued to support us for all of these years. With that said, 2011 will not only mark the 10th anniversary of PSO-World's existence, but also an evolution of the site as you know it! It is going to be a great year, and we'll be looking for more people who want to be a part of it. For the rest of the details, though, you'll just have wait and see!

    On behalf of PSO-World, thank you to all of the visitors, contributors, members, staffers, and everyone else who has supported the site in one way or another over the last ten years. Your patronage is what kept this site alive for this long and what will keep it going into the foreseeable future. We'll be celebrating this momentous occasion all year, so stay tuned for some announcements regarding contests, prizes, and more!

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    1. Palle's Avatar
      Palle -
      Glad you linked to the history page, it's a gem.
    1. Forever Zero's Avatar
      Forever Zero -
      Happy 10 years PSOW!!
    1. Arika's Avatar
      Arika -
      Hmm, this is a good combination of pictures. who photoshoped this one?
    1. ThaiSoup's Avatar
      ThaiSoup -
      I remember back in the day when I first found this site when it was in a gamepro magazine, when it was like planetdreamcast.com/pso-world or something large like that. Good times. I'll be checking this site for years to come.
    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      Happy Anniversary!! How about a MAG FEEDER APP for the Android market! I can't get enough of PSO or PSO-WORLD, Congrats and much love!
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Here's to another 10.
    1. DieannaKill's Avatar
      DieannaKill -
      Go PSO-W!
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      I'm glad I got to see most of this with you! I remember coming here for some mag charts back in V.2, and I got hooked!
      Looking forward to the next 10 years!
    1. Ovada's Avatar
      Ovada -
      I'll work on it! XD
    1. pso_crash's Avatar
      pso_crash -
      Happy anniversary!!
    1. raikou's Avatar
      raikou -
      Rock on Happy anniversary. Keep up the great work.
    1. -XxDannyBroxX-'s Avatar
      -XxDannyBroxX- -
      congrats big day fr PSOW.com keep up the good work =D
    1. gratefulgriz's Avatar
      gratefulgriz -
      Yes please! I think it would be awesome to have an app on the Android market, especially a MAG feeder one. I have some ideas and would like to talk to you more, but I can't seem to figure out how to message you. let me know if you need any help and I can try and help out.
    1. YaLyn's Avatar
      YaLyn -
      Ermm. Yay?
    1. Lunariancrystal's Avatar
      Lunariancrystal -
      Phantasy Star Online is the best game ever made.
    1. chibiLegolas's Avatar
      chibiLegolas -
      Woot Woot!
      Phantasy Star Online & PSO-World both have a special place in my heart. And thank goodness for PSO-World to help channel my addiction, plus bring fellow fans together.
      PSO-World is my own precious adopted family.
    1. Axel3792's Avatar
      Axel3792 -
      terrific site guys, good job keeping the community alive
    1. CAMPSO's Avatar
      CAMPSO -
      Wow the history was cool. Great job guys.
      I'm happy this site is around, i wouldn't be into PS if it wasnt.
      Happy anniversary!!!
    1. Dragwind's Avatar
      Dragwind -
      Amazing how time flies. Happy Birthday!
    1. Manticore's Avatar
      Manticore -
      You turn your head and your favorite website turns 10. They grow so fast!
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