• Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Officially Released in Japan!

    Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity, the highly anticipated sequel to PSP2 for the Playstation Portable, launched yesterday in Japan. PSP2i offers players an all-new story mode, including tie-ins with PSO's 10th anniversary. The game also includes new features, allowing players to take screenshots, rebirth characters to gain additional stat points, create missions, play with alternate characters as NPCs, and more. In addition, you can import your existing PSP2 characters.

    We're still waiting for more information on when we might see the game in the US and Europe, but PlayAsia and other import sites now have the Japanese version of the game in stock and available for those of you who don't want to wait! Copies of the game come with a Phantasy Star Online 2 code redeemable for a chance to participate in the PSO2 Alpha Test (though this may end up being limited to Japanese residents). For a limited time, there are also two free item packs available on PSN, containing eight total weapons and clothing items from the item design contests held in Japan.

    For all the latest information and discussion regarding Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity, be sure to stop by our PSP2 forums!

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    1. Lacen's Avatar
      Lacen -
      I'm currently waiting on my copy of Infinity from Play-Asia. >.<; I guess they don't work during the weekends... =.=; Those suckers. XD Guess I'll level some alts on the demo. My English data is far better than my JP data. T.T; Wish I didn't miss the boat on that one US > JP conversion thread... =/ Anyway, hope to see everyone on Infinity when I get my copy! Take care and see ya!!! XDDD
    1. Reikoku na kuma's Avatar
      Reikoku na kuma -
      LOL thats why I got the digital copy. Got my code emailed from play asia. Got my game 1st day and the Per-order stuff. And as for that us>jp conversion. Trust me unless u had alot of real high % High lv weps. u wont miss ur old file. I was a 200 w/ hard mode complete and i dont miss my old file since its easier to lv, all the old PSP2 JP vision phone PW's work on infiity and the Limited time free DLC wep pack on the PS store made refinishing Episode one MUCH easier.
    1. Lacen's Avatar
      Lacen -
      Cool. For the digital copy are you allowed only one download? Like what happens if your PSP breaks with the game on it? >.<; I think I had a few 14* Weapons with Stun Lv. 3 on them. I'm not sure what they were I think some swords, saber's, claws, double saber's and not sure what else. They seemed decent cause I could help the party keep enemies at bay. But I guess I could just work on the JP data now that the data conversion thread is closed or something. I think the guy stopped doing conversions and I missed the boat. @~@; Gonna miss my stuff cause my JP side doesn't really have much. I'll do my best to work my way back up though. =D Cool, I will look into the DLC and see what vision phone passwords I didn't use yet on the JP version. =D I know for my JP version my entire storage box was deleted along with lots of the vision phone password codes. T.T; One reason why I originally stopped playing the JP version and just waited for the U.S. release. =/ No Miku Leek Sticks for me... T.T; lol.
    1. Grimmjow122's Avatar
      Grimmjow122 -
      this game better be on the xbox 360 cuz this is my favorite mmorpg ever. I started on psu and the thought of never being able to play it just kills me.
    1. joshboyd1209's Avatar
      joshboyd1209 -
      It's called portable for a reason. Of course it's not on Xbox.
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