• PSO-World????????????? (Updated)

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? Google???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????PSU?Xbox 360????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? PSOW???10?? PSO-World to Increase News Accuracy As lead news writer, it is my job to make sure that any information coming from Japan regarding Phantasy Star is presented without modification. Thus we will begin the process of only reporting updates in their original language. As it turns out, most updates are Japanese anyway. Using the advanced technology of Google Translate, I have been able to begin restoring news items to their original form. From whence they came as it were. For consistency purposes, I have also started converting the English news items. This should be of benefit to the understated Japanese population on the Xbox 360 version of PSU. I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy this new direction in which we will promptly be able to re-communicate exciting news without worrying about translation errors! PSOW: into the next decade
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      Alisha -
      lol nice april fools joke.
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      HUmar Darkedge -
      I tried signing in when i got on, but it didn't log me in. I hope this event does not continue on.
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      NeonaPulsar -
      Nice twist... I can't read a lick of it. XD
      I also hear the site did some funky stuff last year too. Like every page a random effect on the posts. Even stuff like backwards text.
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      ?????????????????????????????Google??????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????Reneta??3
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      Temprus -
      Ah, it's all in Japanese. And the boards are all randomized (Strikethrough, random sizes, mirrored). Fun times.
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      ???Id ?????????????????????????????????
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      Use google translator.
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      Error too large to translate.
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