• Xbox 360 System Update for Spring 2011

    Currently in the process of rolling out worldwide, the spring update for Xbox 360 brings a few new things to the console:

    • PayPal - Previously introduced in a limited capacity on Xbox.com, users will now be able to access PayPal on their consoles as a billing option. Several excluded regions are listed in the link above.
    • Auto-standby - A new option to reduce power consumption, this feature will put the console on standby if it is idle for over an hour. It will be active by default after obtaining the update, but it can be turned off in System Settings.
    • New disc format - This new format is not only said to improve copy protection, but it will also clear up disc space for developers. Reports say that it will result in an extra gigabyte available to use.

    This update is said to be launching in waves over the next few days, so it may take some time to show up for most console owners.

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    1. S-T-H's Avatar
      S-T-H -
    1. r00tabaga's Avatar
      r00tabaga -
      Thanks for the link. I guess you would have already known by the last update if you were eligible for a new S model.
    1. EtherForce's Avatar
      EtherForce -
      Wow, an extra gigabyte, whoop-dee-doo. *facepalm at Microsoft choosing not to use HD-DVD's for their games*
    1. Vintasticvin's Avatar
      Vintasticvin -
      So.. this is a console slayer in disguise yes?
    1. Sirius_Sam's Avatar
      Sirius_Sam -
      Think Guardian Cash might be a possible future now with PayPal?
    1. Vintasticvin's Avatar
      Vintasticvin -
      It probably would and be extra awesome to be able to buy JP exclusives through it!
    1. Black Dragon's Avatar
      Black Dragon -
      Wasn't this game originally released in disc format? Improved copy protection? Woooo...I guess.
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