• Phantasy Star Online 10th Anniversary Fan Memorial Contest Annoucement

    PSO-World is pleased to announce the start of its Phantasy Star Online 10th Fan Memorial Contest! In this Fan Art and Fan Fiction contest, you are asked to remember and share the most memorable moment you had while playing any iteration of Phantasy Star Online. The submission deadline for the contest is December 21st. PSO-World users will have then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite entries. In addition, a panel of judges will select a set of winners for each category. The contest winners will be eligible to receive some fantastic Phantasy Star Online prizes including artbooks, model kits, t-shirts, and Rappy armbands! For additional details, be sure to check out the contest thread.

    We look forward to seeing your entries!

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    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Send your submission/s to Sayara via PM.
    1. O-dizzy's Avatar
      O-dizzy -
      Don't know about PSO but this was definitely my favorite memory from PSP2...

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