• Update for November 11

    As posted on the official forums and Japanese homepage, the Xbox 360 servers will be receiving an update this week.

    • More event rewards: Congratulations again to all participants of Maximum Attack X for obtaining all Data Chip Rewards! The following is a list of the second set of modifiers that will be posted. These will be available until December 1.
      • Three star photon fortune
      • Weapon and armor synthesis success rate +20%
      • Weapon upgrade success rate +15%
    • Item rewards: Participants of MAX (those who cleared an event mission and were in it for at least 80% of that time) will also be receiving some items. Players have through January 30, 2012 to log in to have these items distributed to their common boxes.
      • Parum Collectible
      • TD Ticket (exchange for 50% attribute Twin Diska)
      • SE Ticket (exchange for 45% attribute Soul Eater)
      • RP Ticket (exchange for 50% attribute Rocket Punchers)
    • Reward Trading Post: The above tickets are exchanged at this new RSD mission. Players can choose their own element at the attribute rate earned during the event.
    • Tenth GAS wave: Also known as JP's ninth GAS wave, this set includes the following additions.
      • Weapon styles: Direct Attack
      • Shield styles: Protection, Photon Shield 2 (requires Photon Shield), Photon Barrier 2 (requires Photon Barrier), Reduce [Element] 2 (requires Reduce [Element])
      • Extra styles: Old Fashioned
    • Seasonal events: Halloween lobbies will be replaced with the ones for Autumn on the GUARDIANS Colony and Neudaiz as well as the Native Creature Festival on Moatoob. The Autumn Leaves room decoration will be available from the Variety Shop. These will last for three weeks (until December 1).
    • Casino Voloyal: There will be a standard rotation of items here.

    The GAS options, etc. are currently listed with EspioKaos's translations, but will be updated with the official ones later. As a reminder, the current GBR will be running for another three weeks and end on December 1.

    Update: According to the JP 360 end maintenance notes, the synthesis boards for Tiga Ragan and Tiga De Ragan now take Brand Reactor instead of Arti Tiga (an unreleased material). Players can now make these weapons themselves. Also, the new trade mission has some missing text as mentioned by Edward here. Using this guide it is still possible to trade for the event weapons.

    Update: Changed names to their official localizations.

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    1. Kevin PSO's Avatar
      Kevin PSO -
      Man, good thing I don't play this game. Bring on Skyrim!
    1. Destis's Avatar
      Destis -
      well...don't mean to be rude but, hardly anyone is getting on there so I wouldn't be worried nor hyped about it.
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