• Phantasy Star Eternal Planets Released in Japan

    Phantasy Star Eternal Planets was officially released this week in Japan on Yahoo! Japan's Mobage platform. Eternal Planets is a browser-based role-playing game with microtransactions that is set contemporaneously with Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity. In the game, you are asked to explore unknown planets and harvest resources. Battles are handled using a turn-based system. New items, such as weapons and clothing, can be acquired by visiting the Meseta Shop. No plans have been announced to release Eternal Planets outside of Japan. A Yahoo! Japan account is required to play the game.

    Eternal Planets - Fighting a Gaozoran
    Fighting a Gaozoran

    Eternal Planets - Status Screen
    Status Screen

    Credit goes to Tycho for bringing us this story and andriasang.com for providing the screenshots. You can discuss this game in this forum thread.

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    1. metatime's Avatar
      metatime -
      Meh if it's anything like PSO3, its going to be good.
    1. Akaimizu's Avatar
      Akaimizu -
      It's not a bad little time waster. I can think of many worse games that people spend browser time with (or multitasking with something else)
      To a degree, this game is almost a dilemma. It's like a "we've come full circle" kind of thing. Hey let's take a game that is far removed from our turn-based roots and put it in a game where we see the enemy in pseudo first person and then our 4 characters on the bottom taking turns fighting like....our turn-based roots.

      Kind of weird eh?

      Takes some time to get a 2nd weapon and the unit for it to do specials skill moves with it. Of course, it might be luck. But I did get a second weapon, and haven't seen anything out there that will attach the skill attack to it like my first weapon has. Otherwise, you do missions, pick up stuff, try to diffuse traps and bombs in time, and fight monsters. They take your movement within a single map away from you, and you just go down a path stopping when you discover something or get into a fight. Meseta is the main resource since there are a lot of liberties taken. For instance, using a -mate takes no turns and you can take as many as you like until you run out or everybody is healed before taking an action. On the other hand, you probably want to manage how often you use it and try not to deplete your supply.

      If you have friends, you can take their character with you. It's not multiplayer per se, but multiplayer sharing. That is, you don't have to be online together, but you can grab your friend's character to act as a party member you can control. After day one in playing, I got contact Yahoo JPN mail for two others who wanted to get on my friends list. Definitely accepted since just having the characters at your disposal is nothing but advantageous. But there is a big limit. There seems to be a cool down on how often you can use any one friend. And thus promoting that you get a bunch. You can also send presents of items or me seta to a friend as well (farmville style). Still, once you've done a mission with a friend character, you can't go on any more missions with them until a number of hours go by. I'm thinking it's a daily thing, or perhaps a 24-hour clock. So I'll try to see if I can recruit them tomorrow evening to see if it is that. Take note, missions with bosses will not allow you to fight the boss until you have discovered the mission 100%. This usually means a few or so playthroughs until you get it as it will increase your percentage each time you play. At that time, the boss will appear at the end for you to fight it. Take note, the first boss is a lot easier than he looks (especially if you are familiar with him in PSP2/PSP2infinity).
    1. MegaZoneXE's Avatar
      MegaZoneXE -
      This is a nice homage to the Phantasy Star of the old
    1. HUcast_Josh's Avatar
      HUcast_Josh -
      SEGA, instead of crappy spinoffs make a god damn translation for PSP2i for the US and EUR now!
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