• Update for December 2

    As posted on the English and Japanese homepages, the Xbox 360 servers will be receiving an update this week.

    • Winter Special Week: Until December 15, the following upgraded missions will have a Golden Light bonus. EXP and MP will be boosted on these missions.
      • Mad Creatures: C~S2 will be upgraded from PSU to AOTI standards. S3 difficulty will be added.
      • Plains Overlord: C~S2 will be upgraded from PSU to AOTI standards. S3 difficulty will be added.
    • Bladed Legacy/R: A new third stage GAM will become available at the Resident Security Department.
    • Special Trading Stn.: New items will be added for trade.
    • Christmas: The current set of seasonal lobbies will be replaced with the ones for Christmas. They will last through December 27 and so will appearances of Rappy Noel. Additionally, the usual items will be available at the Variety Shop until January 12 (Christmas, Xmas Box, and Wreath).
    • Casino Voloyal: There will be a standard rotation of items here.

    As usual, this article will be updated with any changes and/or additions found after maintenance.

    Update: The missing text for Reward Trading Post has been added. The Special Trading Stn. update features the last two sets of weapons for the exchange (as opposed to the one set that might have been expected based on JP releases).

    Update: The GAM Standby Areas have been consolidated, leaving a set which matches up to the character/type level restrictions of the various missions.

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      I did say upgraded and it's just the two in the sublist below the comments about Winter Special Week.
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