• Xbox 360 System Update for Fall 2011

    The fall update for Xbox 360 launches today. Here are some of the new features:

    • Dashboard Redesign - The dashboard has been changed to use Microsoft's current Metro interface. This includes updates to most/all current apps. Additionally, Kinect users have many more capabilities for gesture and voice control.
    • Bing Search - Users can search for content wherever it may be available. For example, searching for a show or movie will bring up any current location (whether it be in Zune/Netflix/etc.).
    • Roaming Profiles - This feature replaces the necessity of recovering a profile to a console. One can simply log in on another system.
    • Cloud Storage - Essentially, this functions like a digital memory card that you can access from anywhere. However, it is a Gold exclusive feature. Users who let their memberships expire will still be able to access those saves, but can't upload new ones.
    • Beacons - These are similar to game invites, but are persistent. It is possible to flag interest in a game or application and have it come up where relevant. For example, a user will be notified when someone on their friends list starts a game that they have set.
    • Xbox Companion - Windows Phone now features an app that can be used to integrate with the Xbox. It can be used to search for content, make purchases, view friends list data, and even control the system to a degree.

    In addition to the update, a large number of entertainment applications are starting to roll out. Check the link for all the various apps for different countries and their estimated release. It would appear that many of them do require a Gold account to use, although this doesn't appear to be detailed.

    Update: While not as capable as the Windows Phone one, an official app has been introduced for iOS.

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