• Phantasy Star Online 2 Christmas Eve Presentations

    Thanks to PSOW member Jonathan_F, we have recordings of the recent PSO2 presentations that took place at the Akihabara PC Game Festival. These presentations were broadcast on Ustream last night. Both feature producer Satoshi Sakai along with a guest for each.

    The first presentation's guest is sound director Hideaki Kobayashi. Key moments include the game's opening movie at 8:45 and a new trailer at 23:20. Follow this link for the opening by itself.


    The second presentation's guest is game director Yuya Kimura. This one features much more game footage. It shows off player rooms, shops, weapon upgrading, and new character customization features. Naturally, many of the changes to the game's UI are also shown in this one.


    The second alpha test will feature some of the recently shown additions. My Room and Item Lab will be available, however Mags and certain new areas will not.

    For more discussion of these presentations, head over to this forum thread.
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    1. Materia Bot's Avatar
      Materia Bot -
      This is amazing!!
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      That intro could be done ingame on the crysis engine. Sega make it happen.
    1. Norco's Avatar
      Norco -
      Then I will not be able to play xD
    1. Alena Zouryx's Avatar
      Alena Zouryx -
      This, like every video I've seen thus far... gives me chills.
      So much nostalgia... The music! The characters, the environment, just... all of it. And the fact that they're actually taking the community's suggestions and applying them is REALLY making me impressed.
      I'm too stoked for words.
      Although I CAN at least say... FOmarls for life!
    1. PKKadin's Avatar
      PKKadin -
      Haha, I love the HUmarl the more I see it. So classy!
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      You can play on the casual kiddie settings
    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      Some interesting video & info. That should help with the PSO2 thirst... for a bit.
    1. pso2love's Avatar
      pso2love -
      Yes, the PC allows for the game to be better graphically, and certainly graphics are important. However, they aren’t making this game to show off a tech demo, they want to make a game? for everyone to enjoy. Sakai wants players to feel the sensation of surprise, discovery, and adventure once more. Not only does he want to capture those familiar to the series, but he wants to introduce a game that’s fun and interesting to those inexperienced with online games.
      This was started to allow players with PCs to readily play the game. There’s no need for you to think that you need the latest PC to play because the game’s graphics can be adjusted. PSO2 faces many challenges and one of the challenges is to focus on those who don’t play PC games. (Since people are misinterpreting this, it means to convert those who are unwilling or afraid to play PC games. This has nothing to? do with a console version.)
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