• Event Update for January 13

    As posted on the official forums and Japanese homepage, a new mission will be available for GUARDIANS Chronicle! The specific details of this week's update are below.

    • GUARDIANS Chronicle: This event is scheduled to continue until January 26.
      • Scorched Valley C-S3: This event mission originally debuted during Operation Firebreak. The goal is to finish within a set time limit (dependent on difficulty).
      • Chronicles HQ: This prologue mission will be updated with information on Scorched Valley.
    • Winter Lobbies: Clyez City and Holtes City will be decorated in celebration of winter. This decor will last until January 26. During this time, Snowman will be available at the Variety Shop.
    • Casino Voloyal: There will be a standard rotation of items here.

    Kudos to all Xbox 360 players who have surpassed the first seven milestones! The eighth is well within reach, but will it be the last?

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