• Update for January 27

    Recently detailed on the official forums and Japanese homepage, there will be a rather large update for PSU on Xbox 360 this week!

    • New Year Special Week: Until March 1, the following upgraded missions will have a Golden Light bonus. EXP will be boosted on these missions.
      • Military Subway: S2 and S3 difficulties will be added.
      • Bruce's Dungeon: C-A will be upgraded from PSU to AOTI standards. S3 difficulty will be added. GUARDIANS Branch standby areas will be updated to allow a player to view their best S3 time.
    • Protectors ?' C-S3: An extra stage GAM will become available at the Resident Security Department. This mission is very similar to Protectors ? from the Spring Event, however it has had its completion rewards reduced.
    • Extra: A new standby area will be added for the extra stage GAM.
    • Chronicles HQ: This prologue mission from GUARDIANS Chronicle will remain available in a permanent form so that players can still redeem their individual milestone rewards.
    • Eleventh GAS wave: Also known as JP's tenth GAS wave, this set includes the following additions.
      • Weapon skills: Critical+ LV1-2 will be available for all ranged and TECHNIC weapons (except for RCSMs). These customizations allow for an increase in critical hit rate of 2-3%.
    • Photon Art adjustments: Various changes will be made to striking and TECHNIC PAs.
      • Spinning Break: Increased power for second and third parts. One additional target for first part.
      • Tornado Break: Increased power and accuracy. Two additional targets for first part, one additional target for second part.
      • Bogga Zubba: Increased power. Two additional targets.
      • Bukuu Rensen-ga: Increased power and accuracy. One additional target for second part.
      • Shunbu Shouren-zan: One additional target for first part, two additional targets for second part.
      • Senten Kanzan-ga: Increased accuracy.
      • Barta: Increased power.
      • Zonde: Increased power.
      • Megid: Increased power.
      • Enemy TECHNICs: The listed changes to TECHNICs also apply to enemies that use them.
    • Valentine's Day Lobbies: Clyez City will be decorated in celebration of Valentine's Day. This decor will last until March 1 and so will appearances of Rappy Amure. During this time, BT Box will be available at the Variety Shop.
    • Casino Voloyal: There will be a standard rotation of items here.

    GUARDIANS Chronicle panel rewards will be available after a future maintenance.

    Update: As noted on JP's homepage, the RSD update that was mentioned by JP (new items for Special Exchange 2) did not make it into this update. On the EN side, GM Edward noted that a few new items are currently missing descriptions. These are some of the random rewards for Bruce's Dungeon S3.

    Update: According to JP's homepage, the current Special Week and Valentine's Day material will last for one more week than initially scheduled. They will now end on March 8.

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      Japan is working on the issues as I write this. We've already seen much better performance. It's likely to be corrected by time you log in next.
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