• Update for March 9

    As posted on the official forums and Japanese homepage, the Xbox 360 servers will be receiving an update this week. The specific details are below.

    • More event rewards: Congratulations again to all participants of GUARDIANS Chronicle for obtaining all milestone rewards! The following is a list of the second set of modifiers that will be posted. These will be available until March 29.
      • Three star photon fortune
      • Weapon and armor synthesis success rate +20%
      • Weapon upgrade success rate +15%
    • Twelfth GAS wave: Also known as JP's eleventh GAS wave, this set includes the following additions.
      • Weapon styles: [Status Effect] Collapse added as an upgrade for every [Status Effect] Crusher
      • Shield style: Ragan's Soul added as an upgrade for Ragan's Force
      • Extra style: Regrowth added as an upgrade for Regenerate
    • AP cap increase: Players can now store up to 30 AP for GAS options (up from 20).
    • Photon Art adjustments: Various changes will be made to elemental bullets.
      • Rifles: Increased power at LV41+.
      • Longbows: Increased attribute rate and accuracy.
      • Laser Cannons: Increased power at LV41+.
      • Twin Handguns: Increased power at LV41+.
      • Handguns: Increased attribute rate and accuracy. Increased power at LV41+.
      • Cards: Increased accuracy.
    • White Day Lobbies: Clyez City will be decorated in celebration of White Day. This decor will last until March 29 and so will appearances of Jaggo Amure. During this time, WD Box will be available at the Variety Shop.
    • Casino Voloyal: There will be a standard rotation of items here.

    The GAS options are currently listed with placeholder translations, but will be updated with the official ones later. Remember that the New Year Special Week, Valentine's Day Lobbies, and the initial event rewards all end with this maintenance. Any additional details will be posted following maintenance.

    Update: New items introduced with February 17's update were not searchable by name in player shops. This has been resolved in this maintenance. Additionally, Bgei-senba has been renamed to Bugei-senba and it now has a description. Missing descriptions have also been added for Suikongoh, Tefukirizao, and Wise Plunderer (introduced January 27).

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