• PSO2 Event & New footage at Dengeki 2012 Thanks Festival

    According to Shogai, there was a playable PSO2 demo at the Dengeki Thanks Festival 2012 in Akihabara on the 18th. There was also a talk show with Sakai and some new footage too.

    Here is the main footage video from the show:

    Some information known so far:
    • Mags can attack by themselves based on their stats.
    • Mag feeding works like it did in Zero. You can feed them weapons and armor.
    • SPECIAL WEAPONs may return since a techer (tekker) is a possibility in the new city
    • Mags have the same stats that characters have + an "energy" meter
    • Additionally, mags have an "Auto Action" and "Trigger Actions."
    • Trigger Actions look to be similar to what mags did in PSO when certain conditions were met (boss, low health, PB full).
    • Auto Actions are things like physical attacks, shooting, or techs.
    • Mags can be given "devices" that accelerate their evolution.

    Credit goes to Mike for bringing us this news, and Vashyron for the video. You can discuss this news and view more videos in the forum thread.
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    1. Shade_Koopa's Avatar
      Shade_Koopa -
      If they decided to bring it. There is a slim chance this may be a JP only game..-.-
    1. MagraiserPR's Avatar
      MagraiserPR -
      OMFG THE MAGS ALSO ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!! I guess no more R-Mags nor Tech Mags cuz this mag seems to to it all
    1. Worship's Avatar
      Worship -
      Dat lobby..
    1. Alena Zouryx's Avatar
      Alena Zouryx -
      With every single update... with every little tidbit of new information... I have an epic nerdgasm and get goosebumps.
      I... just... wah. T___T I'm so excited. I haven't been this excited for a game in I don't know how long. *Le sigh*
      Sega, please. PLEASE release this in the US, or at least make an international-friendly version or something. I don't think I'll be able to NOT play this game.
    1. Aki_Yoruno's Avatar
      Aki_Yoruno -
      Wow, those were cards being thrown, right? SO much better than before! Also, I really miss the partisans from PSO. They were basically faster, weaker swords. I liked them better than swords since I could hit multiple enemies faster in close combat. Hate spears in PSU/PSP since they only stab (aside from PAs). Here's hoping they keep the multi-slash from PSO, as it seems they do. Couldn't tell for sure.
    1. AOI_Tifa_Lockhart's Avatar
      AOI_Tifa_Lockhart -
      As always everyone's whining it might not be EU/US release I say get over it and just play it on JP server. The language barrier doesn't prevent players who can't speak JP from having a good time on JP PSU.
      Annoying they've kept the same vile attack and weapon SFX from PSU and probably the PSP titles. As with PSU i'm going to have to leave the sound on mute whilst I listen to music or some such because those SFX have really abrasive tones in my opinion..
    1. Elevator Doors's Avatar
      Elevator Doors -
      Missing out on a good market wouldnt be great for sega. The game for japan isnt scheduled for another year at best. Then it takes almost another year before translation. I seriously coughed up alot of money on the dreamcast and xbox when they came out. Heck im not playing PSU but i still support the game by leaving my automatic subscription. Give it time and itll be announced...otherwise i have a sega building right down my street and ill break a few windows until they say yes.
    1. AOI_Tifa_Lockhart's Avatar
      AOI_Tifa_Lockhart -
      Yes, they would miss out on a lot of money by not releasing in EU/US. Thus I don't see the cause for alarm amongst all these people in a panic about not getting the game. I'd just like to know where all this panic has stemmed from because as far as I can tell it's totally unfounded internet hearsay.
      I doubt Sega would be foolish enough to miss out on the income releasing this game globally would bring. However Sega of America royally messed up the updates for PSU and I hold no hope in their abilities for PSO2 whatsoever. Thus, even if it does get released in EU/US I wouldn't ever consider buying it.
    1. Nommy's Avatar
      Nommy -
      This is great. I really can't wait for PSO2. While there are certainly things that need to be fixed and tweaked... I still am very much looking forward to this game.
      The ONLY complaint I had of this video was the girl in the BG who kept interrupting with randomly placed "Hai" or "eehhhhhhhhh!?"
      It was cute when Izuna did it... It's aggravating coming from this bimbo.
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      I cant see sega being that stupid, I mean Phantasy Star brings in alot of income
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      and you also gotta consider, its not a simple text translation like PSO1 was, there could be voice acting as well, and like I said, I cant see sega being stupid, Phantasy Star is a cash cow to them, especially ones that are pay to play, you make a killing off them especially if you have a large user base, or they could go the other way this time, like the game perfect world, free to play except for exceptions
    1. BWS-1's Avatar
      BWS-1 -
      I was JUST ABOUT to express my concern for the lack of Partisans. Glad to see that weapon type made it in!
    1. celestria's Avatar
      celestria -
      I loged on to say Hell YES MAGS ARE BACK BABY!!!!!!!! i wouldn't even worry about this not coming to NA im sure someone would translate this game into english
    1. DerpiestShazbot's Avatar
      DerpiestShazbot -
      Awesome. I can't wait to socialize with complete strangers in these sick lobbies.
    1. Elevator Doors's Avatar
      Elevator Doors -
      OH good lord of all that is gaming let it not be that. I will do p2p and hunters license has always been reasonable. I expect them to probably add some sort of cash shop. Though all they have to do is keep with the formula. I mean how many years people put into the first game and it was repetitive as heck. PSU i just lost almost everyone on my friends list to COD or BF3 but it doesnt bother me much. I just chat with people...im still lvl 15.
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      The us brings alot of jerks alot!
    1. lostinseganet's Avatar
      lostinseganet -
      eehhhhhhhhh!? I thought it was ok
    1. DA_SHIZZLE_IG's Avatar
      NICE!! been playing this game since sega dreamcast. best one was episode 1&2 on the gamecube. I've been wating on them to make it a bit faster and add a little more of a free roaming combat system. Last but not least, WE CAN JUMP!!!!!!!!! WE CAN JUMP!!!!!!!! Mag blast are back too!!!!! I wonder do they still have it where you all do your mag blast at once you get an extra boost. They seem like they added a lil bit of pso with psu. From the level designs to the combat. I also hope we get vehicles like we was supposed to get in psu. would have been great with those big ass levels with nothing in them lol.
      Only thing to make this complete is bringing back the heavens punisher, snow queen, the real spreed needle, and c bringers rifle(rangers >>>>>).
    1. DA_SHIZZLE_IG's Avatar
      ME TOO MAN, ME TOO!!!!!!! Haven't logged on in ages ever since that psu let down. Did they ever release all the top ranked weapons on AOTI? This site hasn't updated that shit in years lol.
    1. Overlord Zenon's Avatar
      Overlord Zenon -
      ahem its been confirmed, PSO2 will be free to play, well if we can go by this for anything >.>;
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