• Bandai Announces Soul of Chogokin Elenor RAcaseal Figure

    Bandai has announced that it will be releasing a Phantasy Star Online Elenor RAcaseal figure in its Soul of Chogokin line. According to the pictures, this figure will include a beam rifle, handgun, Mag, meseta, rare item box, item container, and text bubble stand. Elenor is scheduled to be released in July for 6,500 yen.

    Phantasy Star Online Elenor RAcaseal Statue
    Bandai Soul of Chogokin Elenor RAcaseal Statue with Accessories

    Credit goes to Aumi for bringing us this news. You can discuss this news in this forum thread.

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    1. Worship's Avatar
      Worship -
      That is awesome
    1. NickTheLegend's Avatar
      NickTheLegend -
      So cool! Think there's any chance of a Montague?
    1. Oniyoru's Avatar
      Oniyoru -
      Where do I pre-order it????? *_*
    1. Aumi's Avatar
      Aumi -
      The OP has a link to the Tomopop article which lists the different stores. I personally recommend AmiAmi.
    1. Aumi's Avatar
      Aumi -
      You forgot to mention the saber, and other images I've found show a pretty neat stand with three spots for interchangeable section ID icons as well as a crane for the figure. I'll post them in the thread...
      EDIT: Just to be clear, I just found those images via Google, I am not quite sure whether the stand and such will actually be included in the final release, although I certainly hope so...
    1. BlackRaiden's Avatar
      BlackRaiden -
      HNNNNNG I NEED this so badly! To bad she doesn't bring extra head parts but then again it is suppose to be ELEANOR. Now if only they and Kotobukiya would make ULT so we could have the sisters together XD.
    1. Metsume's Avatar
      Metsume -
      Same, that's where I ordered it.
      The EMS shipping is pricey... But I feel like it's worth it for the quicker delivery.
    1. Ash1ey's Avatar
      Ash1ey -
      Preordered this amazing figure over at Amiami!!!
    1. chibiLegolas's Avatar
      chibiLegolas -
      Awesome! Finally a preorder! I found pics of her months ago last year and was worried they cancelled production on her. With so much accessories, she's a MUST HAVE! The only gripe I have is her bubbly, round style overall (compared to the plastic kit versions). But that's easily overlooked. I just wish they'd release more figures of the other character classes so my hoard of RAcaseals have other people to play with.
    1. Sleet1110's Avatar
      Sleet1110 -
      interesting. I'd like to see them do some of the prominent NPCs from PSO like Kireek as well
    1. FOmarJaochim's Avatar
      FOmarJaochim -
      Agreed! First thing I wanted to find out was if they're expanding on this and making other characters from PSO. We shall see, but I won't hold my breath...for too long
    1. Aumi's Avatar
      Aumi -
      A slight problem might be that the Chogokin series seems to consist almost exclusively of mecha and robots. Other Casts are a possibility, but the other races seem unlikely.
    1. Metsume's Avatar
      Metsume -
      I was thinking the same thing... :/
      I'd like to see a Rupika or Sue figure. hahah
    1. Blizz3112's Avatar
      Blizz3112 -
      Yeah, it would be awesome to have a 1-1/2 foot long Orga Flow figurine in your room XD...
    1. Ithildin's Avatar
      Ithildin -
      Its far too expensive.
    1. Aumi's Avatar
      Aumi -
      Well, as I said in the thread, it's a pretty typical price for this kind of figure. If you're used to it it doesn't seem like that much. :P
    1. chibiLegolas's Avatar
      chibiLegolas -
      Not to mention that she comes with tons of accessories, all already built for you. That's actually a fair price for the detailed and multipart figure that this is. It's just the fact that action figure prices have steadily grown. And the yen + shipping conversion isn't helping either. Now where's my Kireek?! Or any other cast figures for that matter! The amount of racaseal figures I have is ridiculous. And that's all because they refuse to release the other classes!
      I'm a PSO fan, not a RAcaseal fan!
    1. Aumi's Avatar
      Aumi -
      I'm a RAcaseal fan, but I'm honestly not that fond of the Kotobukiya ones, seeing as they're plastic models. I prefer figures completely assembled and painted. I certainly hope that other CASTs will be released, though races other than CASTs seem even less likely, considering that the Chogokin line consists almost exclusively of robotic figures.
    1. TimWessel's Avatar
      TimWessel -
      This actually arrived for me last week, I was surprised as hell ^_^
      Now, they need to make one for Kireek, and I would have ALL the glory, ALL OF IT
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