• PSO2 Closed Beta Extends until April 30th

    From the official blog, the closed beta will extend until 11pm on the 30th of April. Testers will receive an additional 1000 AC to use during this extension, after today's maintenance is over.

    Additionally, Ship 6 will become available during this time. Anyone who creates and levels a character to 10 on Ship 6 will receive an item code for a 500 FUN ticket, that can be used from the Open Beta and on. Any player who raises a character to level 20 on any ship will also receive a 500 FUN ticket for the Open Beta.

    To recap rewards:
    • Raise a character to level 10 on any ship: Weapon Hologram room decoration
    • Raise a character to level 20 on any ship: 500 FUN item code
    • Raise a character to level 10 on Ship 6: 500 FUN item code

    Thanks to Mike for the update. Feel free to join the discussion in the forum.
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    1. Dan Maku's Avatar
      Dan Maku -
      Is that 11PM JST, 11PM EST, or what?
    1. PSOWii's Avatar
      PSOWii -
      9a.m. EST = 11p.m. JST
      windows has additional clocks you can add.
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