• Japanese Phantasy Star Universe Servers to Shutdown on September 27th

    Sega of Japan announced today that the Japanese Phantasy Star Universe servers will be shutdown at 12 am JST on September 27, 2012. In addition, the Guardians Cash service and game key distribution will be discontinued on August 28, 2012. Any remaining Guardians Cash will either be converted into Phantasy Star Online 2 Arkz Cash or refunded as WebMoney AC. Finally, from August 30 to September 27, 2012, Premium Course will become available to all players.

    Credit goes to Mizunos for bringing us this news. You can discuss this news in this forum thread.
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    1. Zeota's Avatar
      Zeota -
      Hot on the heels of the 360 closure. Yeah I thought it had another year left in it too considering how long PSOBB ran after PSU's launch.
    1. Mystic_Nessly's Avatar
      Mystic_Nessly -
      Let's look at the bright side. At least we'll have free premium. I'm not being sarcastic! :}
    1. Cranberry's Avatar
      Cranberry -
      PSOBB JP did last a surprisingly long time.
    1. ▲➌〇N's Avatar
      ▲➌〇N -
      do you actually think i'm going to be playing a game that's shutting down? lol, nessly if you want use anything else like twin gabs dbl cannons etc let me know that's if i ain't given it away by then

      (yes lets mess my name up @[email protected])
    1. Luciferus74's Avatar
      Luciferus74 -
      I see that it will be free.
      I stopped to play PSU about 1 year ago and now for 1 month i can ,whitout pay the guadian license, play again?
      This wuold be great...
      This means "free"?
    1. slave2pso's Avatar
      slave2pso -
      That's pretty sad. I still occasionally play on the JP servers, but it's pretty much a ghost town there now that PSO 2 is out. It's a shame, because in so many ways PSU is a much better game than PSO 2; more people should have played it. Oh well. *lays a rose for PSU*
    1. NitroPenguinz's Avatar
      NitroPenguinz -
      Yea, exactly. Psu had so many more areas to explore and wasnt as liner as pso2 is now, and each planet has multiple lobbies which looked very awesome. What pso2 is missing which i miss SO much from Psu are the lobbies. Im so sick of seeing the same boring lobby, and Psu made several awesome areas for people to hang out in. For example: Paracabana Coast. Psu wasnt just a game, it was also a place to sit and chat with other people, now its just to run around killing things. Honestly, Pso2 would be 100x better if they added more social features which psu had
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