• New Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) Costumes Highlighted on Official Blog

    SEGA's official PSO2 blog site was updated today by producer Satoshi Sakai. While the update primarily covered information already revealed about the Call of Mortality: Part 2 content update coming on 10/24/2012, Sakai did throw in some new screenshots for upcoming costumes and accessories for Phanasy Star Online 2 (displayed below).

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    The first 8 costumes you may recognize from previous Phantasy Star titles, and that's because they appeared in PSU and PSP2. These costumes will be unlocked through some tie-in with the PS Vita version of PSO2, though Sakai could not reveal further details. The rest of the costumes and accessories will be added to AC & FUN Scratch in next week's update.

    A big thanks to Mike for posting the news in the forums, where further discussion and information on this update can be found!

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      Tomeeboy -
      Only some of these are tied in with the Playstation Vita version of PSO2, and the details surrounding that cross-promotion haven't been released yet.
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