• Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) for Vita - Release Date in February 2013

    PSO2 (JP) will be arriving on the Playstation Vita as a free download on February 28, 2013, according to Siliconera. The game will share the same servers as the PC version, which is currently live in Japan, allowing players to play the same characters from either platform and interact in the same virtual world.

    In addition to the free download version of the game, SEGA will be releasing a special edition bundle of the game in stores. The bundle will include a number of bonuses, many relating in some way with the Phantasy Star Portable series. Here's a full list:

  • Eight costumes from PSP2 (previously revealed here)
  • A PSP2 weapon set (Wing Spada, Clad Cannon, Clad 6)
  • A mag evolution device
  • 30 Day Premium Set
  • 1000 FUN ticket
  • Decorative Little Wing Stickers
  • A soundtrack CD with songs from PSP and PSP2
  • According to information in the latest Famitsu magazine (via Shogai PSO, thanks Mike), there will also be a beta test of PSO2 for Vita in January. The bundle will sell for 5,229 (about $64) and we'll post more information as it becomes available. UPDATE: The bundle is now available for pre-order and can be purchased here.

    A big thanks to Keii for posting the news in our PSO2 forums. For more information and discussion, be sure to check out the above thread!

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    1. Pyro8562's Avatar
      Pyro8562 -
      I hope that they bring the Vita version over to the US and EU >.<
    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      New info: You can only pick TWO of the eight costumes.
    1. Aki_Yoruno's Avatar
      Aki_Yoruno -
      OF course...
    1. slave2pso's Avatar
      slave2pso -
      Worthless, worthless Vita. Hopefully it will die away soon.
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      So, we can pay $60+ for the same game we can play FOR FREE on the PC? WOHOO!!! XD
    1. Macman's Avatar
      Macman -
      Read more carefully. FREE download.
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      Ah, I stand corrected.
    1. r00tabaga's Avatar
      r00tabaga -
      Great insight .
    1. CAST_3R's Avatar
      CAST_3R -
      this is all pretty BA, but from what im expecting it to be is probably not as good as it sounds, either way im probably going to be so obsessed with the game, that i would get a vita just to be able to play it all the time where ever i am
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      Get a laptop and a gamepad. It'll last longer.
    1. Pyro8562's Avatar
      Pyro8562 -
      Have you even played anything on the Vita??? It is a really good handheld with a ton of potential.
    1. slave2pso's Avatar
      slave2pso -
      Vita is a worthless, antiquated system, which the current gaming market has no need for, and should frankly, just go die.
    1. slave2pso's Avatar
      slave2pso -
      I never buy a game console based on its "potential", that's just foolhardy. None of its potential has been realised to date, and its 2013 line up is dire, so it's pointless buying one right now, isn't it? I agree that Persona 4 is an excellent game, but if you've already played it on PS2, the new additions are not enough to justify buying the system for; watch a playthrough of it on YouTube or something. And PSO2 is obviously best played on the PC or on a laptop, it will be a neat gimmick to play it on the Vita, but nothing more than that.
    1. AdrainShepard's Avatar
      AdrainShepard -
      Yeah walking outside carrying those is not wise my friend and Vita is just suited like that.
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      Backpacks: they're practical, and yet can be pretty stylish as well.

      Choose your parts well, and you can have a PSO2-ready laptop for, worst chance, lil' more than the Vita's price. Including the cost of a gamepad.
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