• PSO2 (JP) - New Video: Vita, Chrome Dragon, White Day, Advance Quests

    SEGA has released a new teaser video to showcase some of the content and features accompanying next week's PSO2 Vita launch in Japan, as well as future updates taking place in March.

    Titled "Walking Together" Part 1 and broken up into three segments, the upcoming content update will feature a new Chapter 9 story quest (Vita), side-story quest (PC), Chrome Dragon boss, White Day event & lobby, "Universe Star" fashion update, and new advance quests. Look below for more details, but first check out the video:

    February 28th - PSO2 Vita Launch

  • Chapter 9 Story Quest: "The First Farewell" (PSO2 Vita)
  • Side Story Quest: "Arks Combat Tournament" (PSO2 PC)
  • New Chrome Dragon boss (Will appear first in the Vita and Vita/PC shared blocks and can essentially spread to the PC-only blocks by players who have already encountered it).
  • March 6th - White Day

  • White Day Lobby (looks like blue version of Valentine lobby)
  • Limited-time White Day emergency quest (floating continent)
  • "Lovey" Rappy & rare drop
  • "Universe Star" Fashion Update, Blue Rappy Suit, Emilia's outfit
  • March 13th - Last Segment

  • New Advance Quests for Tundra, Mines, & Floating Continent
  • More details will be added as they come in. A big thanks to Maronji for posting about the video in our PSO2 forums, as well as TehblackUchiha, mailsonds, and Ezodagrom for additional pics and info!

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