• PSO2 Vita (JP) Official Release - Launch Details and Useful Information

    Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PS Vita has officially been released in Japan! While there has still been no word on a possible Western release of the Vita version (nor updates on the previously announced 2013 release on PC), die-hard fans can still enjoy the game by downloading and playing the Japanese version from the JP PlayStation Store for free (note: the game and registration forms will be in Japanese, so be prepared to do some translating).

    With PSO2 Vita's release comes a number of additions to the game, some for the PC version as well. Almost all of this information has been previously revealed in various news stories, but here's a recap for your convenience (this story is still being updated):

    Newly Added for PSO2 Vita Launch

  • New Blocks for Vita-only and PC/Vita shared
  • Vita blocks will have fewer enemies and fewer emergency quests / trials
  • Maps are smaller to allow for quicker completion
  • PSE Burst will last longer
  • PC players playing on Vita blocks will experience the same changes
  • New Chrome Dragon boss
  • Will appear in an interrupt event on Vita & PC/Vita shared blocks
  • Will spread to PC blocks via players who have encountered it already
  • New Story & Side-Story Quests
  • Chapter 9 Story Quest: "The First Farewell" (Vita First)
  • Side Story Quest: "Arks Combat Tournament (PC First)
  • PSO2 Vita Special Package (retail bundle with bonuses)
  • Eight costumes from PSP2 (previously revealed here)
  • A PSP2 weapon set (Wing Spada, Clad Cannon, Clad 6)
  • A mag evolution device
  • 30 Day Premium Set
  • 1000 FUN ticket
  • Decorative Little Wing Stickers
  • A soundtrack CD with songs from PSP and PSP2
  • Available for purchase here
  • New Items & Weapons
  • New NPC Kuna with new client orders (on Vita first, PC in the future)
  • New NPCs Toro & Kuro (PlayStation mascots)
  • Their client orders are available only on Vita
  • Partner cards can be obtained on Vita (and then used on PC or Vita)
  • Will be able to gain a mag evolution device from these NPCs
  • Five new campaigns from SEGA (detailed here) with rewards
  • There is also a wealth of information available in our PSO2 forums, where a number of discussions are already taking place regarding PSO2 Vita's launch, new features, Chrome Dragon, and more. Be sure to drop by and see what's new!

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    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is all quite cute... but when the heck are we westerns getting the REAL version of the game? You know, the one that runs on a more successful and decent platform?
    1. Tomeeboy's Avatar
      Tomeeboy -
      This release is only in Japan. There has been no further news on the Western release for PC or Vita. All we know right now is that it is supposed to be sometime in 2013. We expect to be hearing more details from SEGA in the near future, so stay tuned to the front page and forums.
    1. luca_maygrinn's Avatar
      luca_maygrinn -
      "real" version of the game? successful and decent platform?
      surely your implications that the current release being nothing less than real is merely opinion, Fontes.
      the entire product is as real as it can get and the development on the current platform being decent or successful is simply subjective.
      this game's released to its intended market. nothing more, nothing less.
      a localized version for regions outside japan is reported to be in the works, but nothing new has been heard of since late last year.
    1. kightlinger's Avatar
      kightlinger -
      "Will spread to PC blocks via players who have encountered it already"

      Great! This will encourage populated Vita & PC/Vita blocks. Hopefully these blocks aren't painfully watered down for those PC-players looking to coax the Chrome Dragon to their own blocks.
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      The Vita ain't sellin' jack (Fact, not opinion, it's doing far worse than the PSP), so there goes yer market. And the PC version is better on nearly all accounts (Touch keyboard that fills half the screen and overall worse performance? No thank you.).

      The game doesn't ask for that much of a rig, meaning most people will be able to run it, even if at low settings (which already looks ok if ye ask me). For those who can't for some reason, a new CPU or GPU that can make you run the game (assumin' ye got a desktop, of course) is still cheaper than a Vita (not counting the overpriced memory cards... haven't they heard of SDs?!). THAT is having a market.

      At this rate we'll have release announcements on the tablet versions of the game (a.k.a. PSO2ville) before anything conclusive on a western release. Hell, there are already rumors goin' around that the thing's being pushed to 2014! Not sayin' they're true, but at this rate? I dunno...
    1. Hellahym's Avatar
      Hellahym -
      You got it all right.
      But some people don't care: is the price we pay for laying on the couch/bed/whatever is confortable, like a lazy cat, playing the game.
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