• PSO2 Western Release Delayed - Officially Confirmed by SEGA

    The Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2, previously announced in July of last year, has been confirmed by SEGA to be officially delayed. Originally slated for an "early 2013" release in North America, PSO2 failed to make an appearance at this year's event at PAX East and there have been no official updates on its release until now.

    "We don't have any specifics, but will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share," said a SEGA representative when asked about the delay.

    The Japanese release of PSO2 continues to perform well, with the game recently launching on the Playstation Vita platform. As of February, there had reportedly been over 1.7 million player IDs registered for the service.

    We will attempt to get further information on this delay and will post more details as they become available. In the meantime, be sure to check the PSO2 forums for the latest buzz and discussions surrounding Phantasy Star Online 2!

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    1. SELENNA's Avatar
      SELENNA -
      Not surprising. Sadly I can see this game bombing in NA. Unfortunately I don't think PSO2 is good, some of the new features are neat but I don't like the PSU elements.
    1. Blue-Hawk's Avatar
      Blue-Hawk -
      Sadly, being delayed means that 99.9% of the time they are just lying to us to make us get our hopes up. There will be no US release. And it's will be interesting to see if/when I'm right.
    1. watashiwa's Avatar
      watashiwa -
      Hope they're delaying it to add voice acting.
    1. Arika's Avatar
      Arika -
      The game isn't even started yet, and it already got delayed.. What about NA 's regular update delay that was so hot in PSU era then?
      Although, it is already about to jump out of the early 2013 zone, then they just tell us that it get delayed now? <,<
    1. Maverickhey's Avatar
      Maverickhey -
      Well, my friends and I put it in a good humorous way. "If you wont come to the west, the west will come to you." currently have 13 of my friends playing the Japan servers and if they choose to actually separate the servers and trickle content (Like PSU) I will remain on the Japan servers.
    1. Tonkatsu's Avatar
      Tonkatsu -
      "Times is tough."
      They've cured HIV before the beta of this game could be released in the west. True story.
    1. DeathDragon2332's Avatar
      DeathDragon2332 -
      Pretty sure they are just bullshitting and there probably won't be a US release it wouldn't surprise me that or it's another year plus away. Look at PSP2i.
    1. HUmar Darkedge's Avatar
      HUmar Darkedge -
      More whom complain. Huzzah. But this game with psu elements...this is beyond that (or at least just turned into another rpg game that allows jumping) and more. I'm still surprise this is still on-going. I could care less on what they decide. Hackers are still the problem at hand. Heheh.
    1. Griffin's Avatar
      Griffin -
      I'll bet extremely wrong with no proof.
    1. thekkeffect's Avatar
      thekkeffect -
      i dont care if it takes another 6 months as long as we get it eventually then im fine with that. the game was fun in the japanese servers but i just got frustrated and felt like i was playing blind folded most of the time. so i stopped playing it. maybe ill get back into the jp servers soon just to get my pso2 fix. haha
    1. Cla's Avatar
      Cla -
      The mysterious and lengthy silence and as well as the delay are because Sega US/EU has completely changed what they planned to do with International Version. They've realized how stupid and pointless it is to have separate servers, and now they are trying to convince Sega JP to allow International Version to share servers with JP Version, but Sega JP is not interested and is most likely down-right opposing the idea. With East and West at an impasse, there has been no progress made and thus nothing to update regarding the International Version.
      For those who believe the announcement is BS and that there is no Western version coming, you may be partly right. But it is not due to Sega US's stupidity or anything like that, but rather, Sega JP's refusal to share servers. We all know how much the JP players hate the flood of gajins already. If Sega JP OFFICIALLY approved of outsiders... the JP fan backlash would be brutal. Sega JP is more than satisfied with PSO2's profits, and has no interest risking that just so Sega US/EU can get a piece of the pie.
      However, once down the road Sega JP is no longer wowed by PSO2's profits (the profits are not bad, but not as high as they used to be), they will allow Sega US/EU to make not so much a new version of PSO2, but rather, more like an official English Patch for the JP version of PSO2. They will offer Ships designated for the new regions so that the JP players won't cry about all the gajins, but Sega JP will quietly NOT actually force us to use these specific ships. And in a sense, we will all finally win. All players and companies can be happy. I expect to see the release of this "official English Patch" in June. Late June. And it will NOT be voice-dubbed. And once this finally happens, we will shortly see the Vita version come out in the West too.
      That is my prediction. Thank you for reading.
    1. Microwaved's Avatar
      Microwaved -
      Sega treats their foreign customers like shit. What else is new? Let me know when Sega stops being racist.
    1. HUmar Darkedge's Avatar
      HUmar Darkedge -
      I don't know about anyone else. But I applaud their racism. Sure, NA and EU have a majority of English speakers. What other gaming company made separate servers just for the benefit and safety of there public. (Can only think of 1. Sorry)
    1. pso2love's Avatar
      pso2love -
      Correction... In an update by Sakai, it has been reported 2.5 million Player IDs registered users and 93,000 registered simultaneous connections. It shot up by 1/3 since the vita release, and yet he is noticing that more people are playing on PC. Yeah, there is no doubt that PSO2 is the best thing that SEGA has going for them right now.
    1. Xx Royal Mist xX's Avatar
      Xx Royal Mist xX -
      Finally! I've been waiting for them (SEGA) to make some kind-of announcement concerning PSO2. It's a good game and I'm sure it'll do pretty well here, I've heard quite a few people talking about it's release (in public, while I was listening in). Well, hopefully it comes out over here soon, if so I'll see you guys Online <(o.o)>:
    1. Raging Ghost's Avatar
      Raging Ghost -
      They delay PSO2? Better boycott Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed!
    1. striker0's Avatar
      striker0 -
      Eh, I'm not surprised in the slightest bit.
      Truthfully, I couldn't care less any more. If it gets released it gets released. If it doesn't oh well.
    1. DrunkCat's Avatar
      DrunkCat -
      The truth, it has been written.
    1. Fontes's Avatar
      Fontes -
      ... wanna bet we'll have an official western release for the Vita even before the western PC release?
    1. NER0's Avatar
      NER0 -
      Oh well, there is always MH3U on 3DS!
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