• Weekly Forum Roundup: PSO2 EP2 Deluxe Package, Emergency Maintenance, and More...

    We're looking to make the news page a bit more active, despite the lack of PSO2 Western release news these days. The forums continue to be a great source of PSO2 information and discussions, so we'll be trying to post regular highlights of some of the most popular discussions. We hope to do this at least weekly, while we work to get back into a more regular news-posting routine. Here are some of the current hot topics for you to check out:

    - PSO2 Episode 2 - Deluxe Package for both PC and PS VITA. Member Meji has just picked up this little news piece from Sega.

    - Also, due to a serious issue from PSO2 JP's weekly update, there is an Emergency Maintenance.
    Edit: Maintenance is over. Servers are back online.

    - Next, check out Sega's new trailer of future content.


    Check back for new additions as they are added. Thanks to Meji, Horo The Wise Wolf, AIDA and Shinamori for the updates.

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    1. Dhylec's Avatar
      Dhylec -
      If only Sega will just release a NA/EU version already.
    1. RLbitClassica's Avatar
      RLbitClassica -
      Who even cares anymore? SEGA needs to get their shit together.
    1. BWS-1's Avatar
      BWS-1 -
      Though as of right now, why would they? I wouldn't be surprised most of their potential target player base in NA/EU is part of the ''non-nippon'' PSO2 JP player base and, chances are, that chunk of ''expats'' wouldn't want to invest time and money in a subpar international version anyway. Now that's not leaving much incentive for SEGA to go on considering the release of the thing outside of Japan any time EVER. Maybe I'm being fatalistic, but I can't shake the feeling that hugging that JP version was the international community's undoing. Can't blame 'em though, after SEGA's history of keeping stuff away from ''the world outside Japan'', it likely seemed like the only smart move to do at the time to jump on a JP version of PSO2 and grab a fan-made translator if you couldn't handle it raw...
    1. Carlte's Avatar
      Carlte -
      You called it.
      1: Sega is a company run by people, people who enjoy games, now in a gamers point of view would you play a game elsewhere just to join another server? NO
      2: Why fight against the mother-company for players, its just stupid
      3: why would anyone invest time, and mostly importantly MONEY, when some schoolgirl and her multiple boyfriends are translating your game free of charge, and asking for donations form the community behind peoples backs? they wouldnt. because everyones buying CashCurrency from the mother-company
      4: PSO2 died the day it was announced at PAX and forgotten.
      So yeah as you said, by us hugging JP we killed the only chance at an understandable english PSO remake
    1. Carlte's Avatar
      Carlte -
      Perhaps sega would care more if people stopped hating and crying all the fucking time.
    1. knightova's Avatar
      knightova -
      Totally off topic sorry. But i found this random PSU petition to bring back servers it started not to long ago. I don't know if this will matter but you should check it out and sign if you were/are into PSU. I did just for the hell of it.
    1. kururaneko chan's Avatar
      kururaneko chan -
      LOL deluxe pso2, I'd have no problems playing a sub-par international version, I would have played the game, and if it was shit, i'd drop it right then and there. I've tried multiple times to set up a JP account, but, the damned captcha on the sega ID site is the only thing in my way at the moment.
    1. RLbitClassica's Avatar
      RLbitClassica -
      Ummm... no. No they wouldn't. As much as the die-hard SEGA fans would like to believe that their fanboyism means something in the eyes of SEGA and that bashing on naysayers somehow makes them righteous, SEGA cares about one thing and one thing only: maximizing profits.
      So no, I don't feel bad about bitching. I'm so damn tired of the u.s. and europe getting shafted by SEGA. If they want products to sell well in other countries, then they need to put them on the appropriate consoles for said areas and, more importantly, ADVERTISE their product. It doesn't take a business expert to know that.
    1. sYn111's Avatar
      sYn111 -
      Maybe SEGA just dislikes America. xD It's a little ridiculous to see when I read that but meh, it's how it seems anyway.
      I mean you see how in general (and not just involving SEGA) how some of those JRPGS work out.
      But oh well, I'll just stick with other things, if it comes in NA awesome, if not oh well. I'm not gonna waste any time getting an English patch and all that. It'll come here when it wants to I guess but I'm not hoping for anything any time soon.
    1. Roger Triton's Avatar
      Roger Triton -
      It look like P.S. Nova will arrive this year. I'm excited for that (and a possible N.A. release!)
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