• MagFarmer Goes Ver 0.9.6 And MagFeeder Now Available.

    lollipoplolita writes, "James Baxter's, "MagFarm is now ver 0.9.6. You can "0.9.6 from the same place. 0.9.6 fixes a minor cell bug in both versions of 0.9.5 and also a serious bug involving the set stats window for the windows version of 0.9.5. We're still continuously wanting feedback so James can improve the program.

    Another download mag utility is also available: MagFeeder by Link Lierok. MagFeeder works as a mag planner, you can input the desired stats you want from your final mag, and it will try to figure out the best way to raise your mag if possible. We would like to thank Link for this great contribution to PSO, it's players and community.

    You now have two really great mag utility programs to help you chart the growth and plan your mag!


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