• MagFarmer Goes Ver 0.9.7r2

    lollipoplolita writes, "James Baxter's, MagFarm is now ver 0.9.7r2. You can download 0.9.7r2 from the same place. We're still continuously wanting feedback so James can improve the program. So please keep sending us your feedback so the program can have all the features you want!

    New Features:
    Freeze/Rever Mag, Undo & Mass Feeding Progress Bar

    Changes and Fixes:
    HUcast evolution 2 bug fixed, Tweaks to mass feeding, Changed rage mag from gold to red for easier viewing & Tweak to set stats

    Update: MagFarm is now Ver 0.9.7r2. r2 fixes one or two small glitches and is not enough to notate a full 0.0.1 upgrade. Also, there is a new version now...built especially for MacOS Classic 8.6-9.2.2.

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      hey...james here...developer. the glitch had to do with the undo and freeze feature. when you performed an undo or restore and you were going from a rare mag back to a normal mag the color didnt change back from black to red. that is now fixed. there were a few tweaks to the code. nothing major. the main thing was a glitch i fixed that should hopefully allow Classic users to use MagFarm without any problems.
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