• Sonic And Friends Celebrating Birthday!

    In celebration of Sonic's June 23rd birthday, Sonic and his friends will be appearing in the Episode 2 city from June 20-24. So be on a lookout for Sonic and his friends!

    Thanks to -STE- for letting us know about this!

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    1. 's Avatar
      Yeah i saw them and they were all freaky! It would be awsome to be able to talk to them!
    1. JMaN166's Avatar
      JMaN166 -
      Is this going to put any new items available like the halloween with the jack o lanterns and the christmas presents on christmas.
    1. zimmk2vgc's Avatar
      zimmk2vgc -
      Its kewl there doing this again, but surely this should be a time of memory and sadness to look back on the unfortuante death of the only hedgehog cooler than sonic, shadow? Why did he have to die!?!?!?!?
    1. link3680's Avatar
      link3680 -
      Yea! Screw Sonic! Gimme more Shadow the Hedgehog!
    1. 's Avatar
      If you watch the end of Sonic Adventure 2 carefully, Shadow warps out before he falls into the atmosphere and burns...not to mention he is gonna be in their new game.
    1. FluxGryphon's Avatar
      FluxGryphon -
      From the news at PSO Explorer (dated June 17th, 2003), they posted these screens under the following link:

    1. Lunchbox601's Avatar
      Lunchbox601 -
      yeah i saw them last nite around midnight, i didn't expect them to be on so early, but it was sweet, Dr. Robotnick, Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails. No amy, or big or shadow! But yeah they say only episode 2, well me and my friends got on episode 1 and they were all there, and there were FIREWORKS! so umm..and we tried it again and they were gone...so i dont' know ...post if you find out how to get them in episode 1, for us it was just a lucky fluke!
    1. 's Avatar
      I went into EP1 just to see if I could see them there and lo and behold there they were. I guess thier appearance is random? Anywho, they are there...just not always from the looks of things.
    1. 's Avatar
    1. 's Avatar
      dear sonic i'm your biggist fan. i am fast to.

      I hope you won many batlles bye.

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