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  1. Nexus 4mb Card with Link Cable
  2. Can someone provide me a serial numeber???
  3. Multiple characters with a 4x card?
  4. i have minspring/earthlink, HELP
  5. Access to Online Probs...any help appreciated
  6. Can you use your PSO character with a different copy of the
  7. Numb with pain.. is there any hope..
  8. DC memory reset
  9. need help w/ support magic!!!
  10. Playing jap pso online
  11. Damn you SEGA I lost EVERYTHING!
  12. Earthlink ISP for DC online?
  13. I need help with the free isp
  14. Need Help...
  15. I might sound like an idiot saying this...
  16. Playing pso on one dc, then playing it on another...
  17. Fixing Corrupted Saves - is It Possible?
  18. Broadband Adapter..
  19. BBA Dream Passport Burning Help
  20. Problems with Sega's ISP Setup
  21. Dream Passport Configuration Settings
  22. Wtf Nexea? your stuff sucks
  24. Help with taking snapshots
  25. Setting up hotmail on Dreamcast...help plz
  26. yet another BBA post
  27. anyone make a back up? save
  28. Simple Question
  29. Hunter's License
  30. Taking pictures in PSO
  31. BBA and PPPoE DSL through a router, has anyone got it to wor
  32. Servers still down?
  33. BBA PPoE almost working
  34. I've found a "cure" for the BSOD.
  35. CD suicides
  36. Question On Connecting
  37. ISP Settings
  38. ...... now listen to this....
  39. ...... now listen to this....
  40. using Juno (mail)
  41. How do I reset my internal memory?
  42. help uploading snapshots
  43. are the servers down ?
  44. netzero problem
  45. AOL
  46. Disc problems
  47. Screenshots
  48. Line is Busy. Check Modem Settings?
  49. US copy of PSO working on Japanese DC
  50. Forwarding for routers
  51. How to Player Kill/pso 2 is coming this year!
  52. english bbp link
  53. reset bug?
  54. if your game freezes
  55. cannot find the dreampassport english download
  56. Connection troubles
  57. Software Etc
  58. Have they banned picture signatures?
  59. One stupid problem....
  60. BBA questions
  61. cant get on PSO
  62. ISP help!
  63. 2nd ISP?
  64. "S-Beat's Arms" Help!
  65. "S-Beat's Arms" Help!
  66. I need some help finding a browser to download..anyone?
  67. cant connect to server
  68. Double Power VMU for char backup?
  69. connection problem (PLEASE READ) HELP ME PLEASE
  70. Can anyone out there tell me what's happenin' to my ATA?
  71. Problem connecting using NetZero UnEncrypted
  72. character backups
  73. Have bba, need to config it to work with PSO
  74. delsaber's right arm???????
  75. MAG question
  76. PSO problem
  77. about the serial number..
  78. ISP chaos
  79. Losing your character: Proecting Yourself
  80. File: Present... Character: MIA
  81. Offline?
  82. Can't use revives
  83. Preventing the BSoD from hurting you.
  84. Getting new ISP. What to do????
  85. Item Finding depending on your color code (Pinkal)
  86. BBA PSO VMU File
  87. playing online with out a BBA?
  88. Bots in offline??
  89. My life is RUINED!!!!
  91. Updated Free ISP Help Please...
  92. Cure for the BSOD
  93. What about the LSOD????
  94. Outgoing mail doesn't work no more.
  95. smal question..
  96. Need some help here....
  97. Help with english BBP and @home???
  98. backup for my HUcast
  99. VMU Reset
  100. Two Characters, Same Serial #?
  101. PSO IMG files
  102. I cant get online!!!!!!!!
  103. PSO backup with BBA?? how? english BBP?
  104. Need some instructions configuring my BBA for RR
  105. Anyone use BBA as a client and PC with sysgate as a Server?
  106. Excuse me please, but I beg you all
  107. Help I NEed HelP!!!!!
  108. Help me please. BBP
  109. Section ID's are driving me insane!!!!!!!
  110. How often do you get disconnected?
  111. Yo quierro ayudar!!! por favor
  113. Im an idiot
  114. Backing Up Character Information Here!!!
  115. Dupeing your character the easy way.(no e-mail required)
  116. Problems with Item section Screenshots...
  117. Question about Play PSO over Broadband without the BBA
  118. Rare Items/Quests
  119. Fix found for US PSO on Import DC and Vice Versa?
  120. Call me crazy, but I like the old layout better.
  121. Japanese Browser? I just wanna use the BBA!
  122. what are the chances of getting a rare Item?
  123. sonic mag
  124. dc/win me server
  125. power surge, i think?
  126. is there any way to...
  127. PSO on new Dreamcast
  128. ailed Save During RSOD - My insights of the server
  129. Free s.beats blade for a bba save
  130. dissappearing guildcard help needed
  131. win 2000 dreamcast server.. help
  132. How do I get the Frying Pan?
  133. If you use MSN for you PSO ISP PLEASE look here!!
  134. Need help with my current DC broadband situation.
  135. Heeeeeeeelp meeeee...
  136. Access codes?
  137. New PSO
  138. Line Busy Help!
  139. Anyone know how to...
  140. Can u run a DC through an ADSL connection
  141. Burnt DC?
  142. gfx flicker [NOT a 50-60hz prob..]
  143. Just completed on normal
  144. Japanese keyboards -- do they work?
  145. Can I play the same PSO disc on different Dreamcasts?
  146. Involuntary boycotting caused by anti-backup policy?
  147. I get disconnected for no reason...
  148. dose anyone know why?
  149. why is my charter changing colors?
  150. Help with free Juno (or anyother FISP)
  151. Help with Win98/ME Server
  152. My DC resets by itself...
  153. my heart of pian is unusable by me!
  154. A way around RSOD...?
  155. Japanese DC, U.S. PSO, Does DC-X work?
  156. an error message
  157. Can anyone help me with the Broadband Passport???
  158. does anyone else disappear?
  159. Downloadable quests?
  160. Any Uk PSO players help me out?
  161. Ah! No third PB?
  162. PSO World is Sloooooooww even on a Cable Modem
  163. What do I do with a Delsaber's right arm???
  164. Got Win98 server working when I got a different modem!
  165. Whats happening?!? Why can't I connect to the server today?!
  166. Dreamcast Trouble
  167. Can the modem be used over a PBX digital phone line?
  168. Can Dreamcast Magazine CD's be copied?
  169. trying to get my pic to work for my sig
  170. PSO online woes
  171. I have 2 DC's and 2 PSO's but...
  172. Delsabres Right Arm ?
  173. Delsabres Right Arm ?
  174. Needin' codes
  175. A Very Big Problem With PSO!!
  176. Starting New Character with a Sega 4x
  177. US PSO On Jap DC Problems
  178. The mighty GOD/HP...?
  179. Help me with downloaded quest
  180. ***Iventory Reset... Read, plz!***
  181. But my phone line IS connected!!!
  182. Screenshots
  183. eggblaster
  184. dc wont connect to pso or the net...
  185. How do I make a backup file of my charater?
  186. Looking for the BBA!
  187. lost serial number
  188. getting an Ip from dhcp server.when using a BBA
  189. Mac-dsl
  190. Screen shots...
  191. PSO Radio(HELP!!!)
  193. Reseting my PSO account
  194. BBA Help...
  195. Backup question!
  197. Who is MAXIMINA ?
  198. Gmae locking up...
  199. Nexus Card
  200. DST Setting
  201. "the line was disconnected" - wtf?
  202. PSO broke my DC! :-(
  203. PSO broke my DC! :-(
  204. My game locks up sometimes during load times
  205. BBA problems -- can't select a ship
  206. BBA problems -- can't select a ship
  207. Need some VMU advice...
  208. Sega Mega Memory Card (4X)
  209. BBA HELP---PPPoE
  210. Droping Items
  211. How can I recive my e-mail on my DC?
  212. posted this in general, can't revive fallen team mates
  213. Sound in City
  214. BBP RAR File
  215. my pso is fucked
  216. Downloadable Quest troble
  217. Corrupted File Solution
  218. Questions about downloading and burning the BBP
  219. Taking screenshots?
  220. Baka thing. ;.; Anyone want to help me?
  221. Server Question
  223. WTF!!HELP ME PPL!!!!
  224. online connection problems
  225. browser for BBA???
  226. Related to Lotus's question about the memory cards
  227. Is There a Free ISP for The Dreamcast???
  228. I really want help so i can play PSO!!!
  229. Calling SEGA for a PSO serial number DOESN'T WORK!!! ANYONE
  230. How do you download a quest??????????????
  231. Can't Join a Ship/Block = Dupe Item in Inventory??? HLP PLZZ
  232. Pictures in my VMU. How can I see them?
  233. any gs users? i need a code
  234. how do you post pictures in sig?
  235. Any Hope???
  236. isp compatability
  237. Ack! Help! Online/Offline...
  238. How the hell do you kill the mines boss offline
  239. HELP! Looking for the US Download Quest
  240. Does any UK PSO players post here?
  241. Online ISP time
  242. Screenshots
  243. God damn you Sega Europe
  244. How do you kill the end level Boss\Demon\Monster
  245. Serious, important question...
  246. How can i reset my DC's internal memory?
  247. Worse than BSOD!
  248. Lavis Cannon from a downloadable quest?
  249. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  250. Broad Band Adaptor and PSO working!