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  1. Censorship: What is PSO World hiding?
  2. PSO ver.2 bring it to 'US'!
  3. Bring PSO ver.2 to Europe!
  4. PUCK, your topic was deleted.
  5. Sega and its Response to cheating
  6. All this whining is pathetic...Get over it!
  7. Stop Crying on PSO world
  8. [rant] No USA version 2? Gee, I wonder why...
  9. PSO's biggest problem
  10. The End of Unpassworded Games...
  11. Duppers are weird!
  13. For the love
  15. The Video about how to PK without gameshark
  16. Just Testin Sig
  17. Current PSO World general board conduct... [rant]
  18. Whats up with PSO
  19. PSO Tournament!
  20. Omega12's nice rant. Read on.
  21. What ever happened to the ten commandments?
  22. Just wondering...
  23. YELLOWBOZE, and my luck.
  24. It sucks to be me. Click here to find out why.
  25. Concerning PSO 2
  26. Enough already with the Get-togethers!
  27. For the love of god..........
  28. PSO just doesn't do anything for me anymore (long and boring
  29. Apparently..... I AM A THIEF! (please read)
  30. The other Phantasy Star games...
  31. Ranting about absolutely nothing!
  32. Even if no US PSO ver. 2, LIFE GOES ON!
  34. Dupaphobics?(long)
  35. Why aren't I the new mod?
  36. Hacked... And I didn't Deserve it...
  37. Dear Sega, there is absolutely no excuse!!
  38. Allow fans to create and post quests!
  39. Hater list! Post all the haters on pioneer 2!
  40. core you traitor
  41. whats happened to these boards?
  42. is this board ultra slow for anyone else?? And did anyone he
  43. Suspended?!?
  44. Goodbye... for now. :(
  45. PSO Jerk, anyone have the pleasure of meeting some?
  46. People are Jackasses...
  47. And so it finally happened.
  48. "Thank you, drive through"
  49. PSO beard.
  50. I am just as good as you!
  51. Worst FOrce EVER!!!
  52. PSOW's List of Overused Expressions
  53. ...frustration
  54. Monthly "Lighten Up!" Post!
  55. IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Not.
  56. Couples From Hell!
  57. a lesson learned too late
  58. Goths...
  59. What kind of flame warrior are you?
  60. GRRR!!
  61. oh my ****ing god....
  62. Is all this money worth it?
  63. I think QueenBee is a
  64. im disappointed... :O
  65. to dekar and wobba....
  66. NOOO! My PC is being held hostage! :(
  67. Voice feature will suck.
  68. (FOmarl + Dark Falz 2) x10 = Many Dead FOmarls.
  69. Curse the YELLOWBOZE ID!
  70. Damn those SPREAD NEEDLE users that can't "change"
  71. when can i get my sig privleges again?
  72. What the HELL!!! is wrong with people??
  73. Pioneer 2 - New look! (OMFG)
  74. O Lord what fools these mortals be.
  75. fighting is bad mmmmk.
  76. yes, i'm actually defending RAmars
  77. Mr watashiwa sir...
  78. Cya
  79. Stupid PS2 controller!!!
  80. Go Outside.
  81. GAH...Ragnarok Online...
  82. New Sig
  83. Change my fucking title.
  84. my rant
  85. who h8's hackers...lol
  86. ...who's changeing my profile... o_O
  87. why does sega even try....
  88. Casino.net flash ADs
  89. Heads up to anyone who has talked to me via AIM/ICQ.
  90. I see...
  91. /me hates the newbies
  92. Today is offical PMS day.
  93. "so nice"
  94. look but dont reply
  95. Note about this forum.
  96. were the cliff, this topic is the bitter buffalo...
  97. you dont want to look at this post....hahah
  98. Note to all users: This FORUM WILL be moderated
  99. do u want a true rant or convo? yes or no if so i will give
  100. Love on PSO... ugh
  101. this ever happen to you?
  102. PSOW, you get a nice "WTF!?" from me.
  103. The rant of our time...
  104. How many of you don't like the mods? And why?
  105. What the heck is goin on.
  106. finalmasterM should have his sig privlages removed....
  107. .......cell phones....and the stress they bring....
  108. Silly rant
  109. Bad People Next Door
  110. This rant is more for ppl who think GG is a drag clone
  111. LOCK! LOCK! LOCK!
  112. Whoops, cleanup?! o.O
  113. the new mods
  114. Spammers and Fanboys
  115. FF Game Music Issues
  116. On giving out personal info and such.
  117. Indi Belra's SPECIAL WEAPON !!!
  118. I hate school!!
  119. I'm like a crackhead addicted to pso suffering from withdraw
  120. pure legit? bah!!!
  121. This is probably gonne make some people mad..
  122. I hate freepostin' thread hijackers
  123. N00b posters
  124. stupid brats
  125. I hate the phrase "lol." Who's with me?
  126. GIVE THE NEW BOSSES A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. STUPID PSO!
  128. I WAN MEH PSO NWO!!!!!
  129. I waited so long.
  130. New Staff changes effective immediately as well as site chan
  131. Freaking bah....
  132. PSOW's List of Overused Expression 2002
  133. this site sucks now
  134. Rareware's merger...
  135. I hate Coca-Cola products.
  136. I. Hate. Newbs.
  137. Sonic Team and Cheating
  138. Doesn't Tekken SUCK!?
  139. Parking.
  140. why do people call Game Cube GCN?
  141. It should be noted that....
  142. I'm in the mood to break stuff!
  143. Six billion people fucking each other over.
  144. Darn it! NO BBA!
  145. People on the Net Can be Twats!
  146. .......
  147. Gamestop is cool.
  148. "Leap of Faith," and it sure didn't pay off....
  149. Sonanana bitch!!!!
  150. PSOW: One Giant Complaints Department
  151. Welcome to World War III.
  152. PSO GC fanboys... our cultures newest low
  153. Pissed off and disappointed
  154. Death to Moochie!
  155. The impossible...
  156. "Complain in this thread or stfu"
  157. A rant about ranting.
  158. GC: I just can't do it anymore...
  159. Crap... starting over again...
  160. GC: Boo hoo, cancelling HL Friday night
  161. Jerks on PSO
  162. "its almost over"
  163. XBox: For the sake of Moses...
  164. DBZ kids are scum
  165. *bangs head on desk*
  166. What really matters.
  167. STOOPID ASS, Fucking BACK STABBING.......
  168. So many rude and stupid people...anyone else notice this?
  169. GC: Some of the people on PSO... are just incredibly rude
  170. Doughnuts
  171. Thanksgiving
  172. GC: Multiplayer PSO on one console aint so bad
  174. urgh.... lamers.
  175. People need to complain more
  176. Recently banned
  177. igdar
  178. Little things that bug me.
  179. Does that sucks?!
  180. Dam FSOD to hell.
  181. I'm convinced that today hates my guts.
  182. GC: Gripes about Episode 2
  183. Pardon me while I burst..INTO FLAMES
  184. s0 l33t, 1t 4urt5
  185. The adventures of idiot boy in essay land
  186. Power Levelers
  187. My Ghetto Apartment
  188. !@#$ GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  189. o You Feel The Same Way
  190. Fuck my two front teeth; I'm asking Santa for a new immune s
  191. Item: Frowny-face science
  192. Merry Xmas from Nintendo and Sega
  193. My feelings on Mr_badboi
  194. Stupid World News Tonight!!!!!
  195. The simple truth... (rant)
  196. Idiot-boy Comes By It Naturally
  198. PSOW is going through reruns
  199. XS-RATI Stop Goin Around Posting....
  200. I think I've met the biggest n00b today...
  201. Fork me.
  202. Sonic Team, Bugs, and whiners
  203. Straight to the SOURCE
  204. Gonna kill UPS or Buyrite.net
  205. Who thinks XS-Rati should be banned?
  207. Rude C-People... ;_;
  208. My Duping Rant!
  209. Wheres all the Fucking manners in this Shithole?
  210. My rant on people who rant about duping.
  211. i love pso but there are some major issues here ....
  212. What the..???
  213. Gah!
  214. PSO World's biggest problem just got worse.
  215. What the hell is with these people
  216. Why can't we all just get along?....
  217. Sonic Team and OUR money...
  218. Is it just me or are the all the people on this board gettin
  219. Buy Rite... How bad was it for you:
  220. People who whine about people that who dbz names
  221. AAAAAGGGHHH!!!! MAHU!!!
  222. Past returns....
  224. Some day I'm going to look back at my life and go "blah, why
  225. How come no one knows how to type in english anymore?
  226. Sarcoma of ...*shh* dupes!
  227. Basic IRC Requests
  230. I have had it !!!
  231. Flu and the evils
  232. "If I hadn't caused myself this pain, what would I be thinki
  233. who is sick of all the cussing all over the forums?
  234. I'm torqued.
  235. The dupe babies. . . A new scum has surfaced
  236. Little Rant
  237. ....BSOD......
  238. I hate you Sonic Team, go F Urself
  239. I hope you don't consider Barubary a definitive source...
  240. You know what I really hate?
  241. Now that is Sick ( A rant about the sick shit on the interne
  242. $35 and then $9/month......right
  243. Grrr. Nasty luck with %s.
  244. *Waht are you?* quizzes
  245. SOURCE ain't that bad.
  246. Pepsi Blue
  247. It's called a TEAM for a reason!
  248. Life sucks.
  249. Campers... (Hate's Battle Mode Ramble#2)
  250. To everyone who said to live with dupers and just ignore the