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  1. Newmans
  2. Old School Phantasy Star poll
  3. Retro PS-players, PLZ HELP!
  4. New PSO game
  5. Phantasy Star Collection: Old School is freakin hard!
  6. The old Phantasy Star people - Shir
  7. PSC
  8. PSC Guide
  9. I miss ALGO!
  11. Phatasy Star Movie
  12. Whats your favorite classic Phantasy Star
  13. About the PS storyline...
  14. Phantasy Star On cell phone.
  15. Original Phantasy Star Remake
  16. Phantasy Star for PS2? How about No, Reasons why it will be
  17. PSM...It's coming
  18. Anybody enjoying the Classic Phantasy Stars?
  19. Phantasy Star 5 hours 40 minutes
  20. What inspired your love of Phantasy Star?
  21. So what is Odin's name translated in the Japanese version of
  22. Sega Girls - figurine line(PSII Nei and Red Ring Rico)
  23. Native Motavians - Height & Weight
  24. The Phantasy Star Discussion Thread
  25. Ebay: Another Phantasy Star book
  26. Phantasy Star IV: Macro List
  27. Phantasy Star and the Genesis.
  28. Whens this game coming out
  29. What is Pso 4?
  30. Just got PS collection
  31. Phantasy Star Series Compilation Announced.
  32. PSI,II,III,IV REMAKES collection announced for PS2! Sega Ag
  33. Who was thinking of PSIV when... (some PSU spoilers, maybe)
  34. So, about pre-PSO phantasy stars...
  35. Welcome to Phantasy Star Classic General
  36. The Story
  37. Rutsu = Lutz
  38. Which one to try?
  39. How hopeful are you that (at least) Phantasy Star Generation
  40. The old PS titles
  41. PS IV Ending (long gif)
  42. The Compendium of PS Theories (chpt 1-8)
  43. GBA PS Compilation
  44. Phantasy star generation 2 Nei revival question
  45. Who would like to see Espers come back as a 'Race'?
  46. AGAIN???!!!!!(spoilers)
  47. Is there anything about the Phantasy Star series I should kn
  48. PSI-II-III-IV remakes all at once this Summer!! O_O ^_^
  49. Is Algol-Star-System.net down?
  50. Would you watch a "Phantasy Star" Anime?
  51. Could the Beast race have originated in Phantasy Star 3?
  52. I would like to see picture of everybody PS Collection :)
  53. GBA software mod... Anyone know how to...?
  54. We are losing valuable information! What should we do?
  55. So, I've been playing PSII lately...
  56. Sega Ages Phantasy Star: Generation 1...
  57. You know what would be neat?
  58. Phantasy Star 3
  59. Emulation, PSO-World and You
  60. How sad -_-
  61. picture of a traditional Phantasy Star RPG that was never re
  62. Your Favorite classico phantasy star games
  63. Three new classic PSIV fics for the price of one!
  65. PS Cave gets a random update after 3 years
  66. Generation:1&2 Artwork
  67. PS Tabletop Game?
  68. Help for Generation:1
  69. Phantasy Star III, Attack Book?
  70. Online: I'm about to make a PS fangame...
  71. Phantasy Star V - Fan Game
  72. PS Memorial Drama CD Translation FINISHED
  73. Phantasy Star Generation 1 and 2 videos!
  74. Phantasy Star storyline
  75. SEGAROCK VOL 1 & 2
  76. Phantasy Star 2 question
  77. Conversations Within Elsydeon
  78. PSU Formalwear and Formal Dress
  79. Nekomimi completed PSG1 and PSG2 videos!
  80. PS 1 Ending Movie
  81. Phantasy Star II to Virtual Console
  82. What do all the Phantasy Star 2 techs do?
  83. nice lady records Phantasy Star III youtube videos!
  84. SEGA AGES 2500 Vol 32 Phantasy Star Complete Collection
  85. So I just got collection, and...
  86. The classic
  87. Nei :3
  88. 1UP Celebrates 20 Years of Phantasy Star
  89. PSII ON Wii! :D
  90. Should I buy it....
  91. PS4 prototype/early translation
  92. Epic PSYCO-WAND get*****
  93. Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn)
  94. If Climatrol had nuts, I would punch it in them
  95. The fall of the Newman race
  96. DS Phantasy Star?
  97. PSIII on Virtual Console
  98. PS2: WTF Good is Armor in this game?
  99. PSO =/= Old School Phantasy Star
  100. PS2's Fanbites
  101. Are there any theories floating around that attempts to bridge PSO with...
  102. Some words from Bo and Ippo (from PS 1st Series Complete Album)
  103. i need help with Phantasy star IV
  104. Stuck in PS Generation 2
  105. Ideas for Petitions
  106. Looking for LAUGHTER
  107. Why do we love Nei?
  108. erase.
  109. Why did they abandon wind in the later games?
  110. what programming was used to make PSIV?
  111. PSIV: Lashiec makes me RAAAAAAAAAGE!
  112. PSIV is on Virtual Console!!!
  113. Phantasy Star II: Text Adventures?
  114. Trying to decide... Sega Ages Collection
  115. ''The Making of Phantasy Star IV' (EGM, 1993)
  116. GamePro March 1990 3-page ProView Article on Phantasy Star II
  117. Everything I could find on the unreleased / canceled PSIV: The Return of Alis
  118. Mega Drive collection. what about remakes?
  119. What was Phantasy Star 3 like?
  120. Phantasy star Gaiden
  121. Phantasy Star II on XBLA
  122. Phantasy Star - Virtual Console
  123. PSIV insta-kill monster
  124. ShinB / Greensleeves
  125. Odd
  126. (Off the air) Having some fun on ustream...
  127. The Collection Of Rappy ^^
  128. PSIV Save request
  129. Anywhere I can catch up on phantasy star lore up to it's current point?
  130. Make a list of your ps experience.
  131. Phantasy Star Gaiden
  132. Wow, PSI is... Brutal.
  133. Segagaga
  134. Phantasy Star IV Fanbook site down!?
  135. Finally!
  136. Request: PS4 Remake Online Petition
  137. PS II vs. PS IV
  138. Test your knowledge
  139. PSI: What Weapon For Odin?
  140. PS on iDevice
  141. PSI: Governor's Mansion Boss?
  142. So Pretty
  143. PSII - Hidden Ending?
  144. Phantasy Star I, II, & IV - Q&A
  145. Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) worth it?
  146. Who was you favorite PS character
  147. PS3, What pulled you in?
  148. PSI's story: am I missing something? (contains spoilers)
  149. For All Who Love the Classic Titles
  150. Retrospective
  151. New addition to my collection. Details on rare Phantasy Star merchandises!
  152. Favorite Monster From I, II, & IV
  153. Game combining all characters
  154. PSI and PSIV selected by The Smithsonian
  155. What was playing PSI for the first time like for you?
  156. Where Are The Classic Members Going?
  157. Most Emotional Moment in Gaming History
  158. Phantasy Star Parody Comic
  159. Important, PSO episode 1&2 xbox DLC needed.
  160. Question on Gryz
  161. PSG1 guide, for non-japanese players
  162. If I must pick one......
  163. Which of these would you rather have on 3DS/Vita?
  164. Stuck on DEZO
  165. Stealing with Shir- PS II
  166. Phantasy Star remix albums
  167. Phantasy Star Mods/hacks
  168. Phantasy Star II, III, and IV now on Steam!
  169. Possible "Love Child" Theory
  170. Connection between Wren from PSIII and PSIV?
  171. Nagisa and ____ similarities...? (Spoilers for Infinity and PSIV)
  172. Phantasy Star 1 in Minecraft
  173. For the first time ever.... (SPOILERS)
  174. Walktrough Phantasy Star: Generation 2?
  175. Phantasy Star II Saving?
  176. Phantasy Star Generation 1 Translation Completed!
  177. Official Petition to include Alisa Landale in S&ASRT
  178. Phantasy Star Collection purchased....
  179. RPGFan Music Podcast-- Phantasy Star episode!
  181. Dezoris Night: PS I Dezoris overworld piano arrangement.
  182. Just Helping out (phantasy star 2 stream)
  183. PS4 AMAZING!!
  184. How everyone feel about Phantays Star Gaiden?
  185. Phantasy Star 3 Problem
  186. Any chance we'll finally get PS4 on the iPhone/iPad?
  187. I had a thought about PSI
  188. Still need to play PS Generation 1 & 2?
  189. PS5 - Guardians of Algo
  190. That's how PS5 combat system should be
  191. Buying the Classics
  192. PSG2 Nei Reive Save file or state
  193. Phantasy Star Let's Play
  194. Steam's Megadrive emulator now with workshop for romhacks
  195. Let's Play Phantasy Star 4
  196. Let's Play Phantasy Star 4
  197. Phantasy Star Adventure Let's Play
  198. New english Classic PS Cosplay Artbook with Developer Interviews
  199. How do I save locally in PS2 Sega Forever on Android?
  200. Which PS game to start with?
  201. PS4 Fananime
  202. Fan project "Phantasy Star... Twenty years past"
  203. Not considered sequels
  204. Phantasy Star 30th Anniversary.
  205. Is Phantasy Star not meant to be played for the Story?
  206. An introduction and gushing about SEGA AGES Phantasy Star (Switch)!
  207. Can anyone give me the 3 sizes of the Mark III Phantasy Star box?
  208. Phantasy Star Gen 2: Clear Game Quest (Spoilers)
  209. Phantasy Star II - New translation
  210. Phantasy Star II Revival (Using GODOT)
  211. Phantasy Star II - Restoration Track Reimagined (Tremendouz)
  212. I added Nei from Phantasy Star II into Death String
  213. did BO ever state that the band Y.M.O. was an influence on his VGM composition?
  214. Is it known what Claw in PSIV corresponds to Rika's Claw in PSO?
  215. imaginining a 2D Online&Offline Co-Op Turn-based JRPG sequel to PSIV
  216. V.G.M. Cover-Versions on Bandcamp