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  1. Guide Character Creator Navigation Guide
  2. Macroable Japanese - short sayings
  3. Guide Beta MAG stat translation and FEEDING info [NEW-er INFO]
  4. Guide List of NPCs and Client Orders
  5. Skill Simulator - Last Update: 23/07/13 Braver and Dewman added!
  6. Guide Survival Japanese - Basic Phrases for Communication
  7. Guide Massive Mag Guide and Info!
  8. Guide How to sign up for PSO2 pre Beta
  9. PSO2 HU/RA skill tree opinions
  10. Forces: Rods vs Tails
  11. skill tree suggestions for new players with no previous pso2 experience
  12. Guide Attribute Strengthening Guide
  13. JP PSO2 Community Sourced Tips for New Players (ALL CLASSES)
  15. Team/Guild Making? and Arks Cards?
  16. Guide JP Menu Translation Quick Guide!
  17. JP menu guide
  18. Skill tree translation.
  19. How do you Hide armor?
  20. PSO2 Error...need help
  21. JP PSO2 Launcher Translation (1258x4605 png)
  22. Mission creating Play Style (play style ???)
  23. I need help :( with my ps2 controller
  24. Guide PSO2 Auction House
  25. Newbish Controller Guide
  26. JP PSO2 Gunblade questions.
  27. My Room Questions
  28. Guide Force Ambient Occlusion for PSO2 on NVidia cards
  29. Client order translation?
  30. Having trouble Earning Caves
  31. Are there translations for the enemy names?
  32. For the life of me, I CANNOT use PSE correctly...
  33. PSO2 PSO2 Japanese captcha help PLEASE!!!!!!
  34. Guide Retrieving Your Closed/Pre Open Beta Rewards
  35. Ticket?
  36. My Shop Thread
  37. Translation for the auto macro menu?
  38. JP PSO2 Mag Quest
  39. Guide Master Story Thread
  40. Guides & Walkthroughs sticky (Update 1/30/16)
  41. Solving PSO2 Captcha Complications
  42. Item July FUN Scratch Items (Ending the 18th)
  43. 2nd Matter Board help with A4 or B5
  44. Guide Emote and Chat Bubble Reference Guide
  45. Skills List
  46. Help unlocking the new areas.
  47. Mission Tips for Catardran?
  48. Matter board 2?
  50. How do I progress past the 4th mission?
  51. Guide VisiPhone Guide
  52. elemental properties?
  53. MAGs - Photon Blasts
  54. PSO2 about Photon sensitive effect
  55. MAG Skill Limit?
  56. Can someone help me get my mag?
  57. anyone have an appraisal shop translation
  58. What does this error message say? (please help!)
  59. Item Drops and items spreadsheet
  60. S-Rank Free Forest to get to Caves?
  61. Fury stance...?
  62. JP PSO2 Question about talis
  63. High Tier Mission Requirement?
  64. Help me please~
  65. Guide Weapon/Armor Affix translations
  66. Question about changing classes
  67. JP PSO2 Hunter DPS Tree Build
  68. Guide A Simplistic Guide to Affix Transfer
  69. PSO2 Force Skill Tree Questions
  70. Looking for hints to reach higher damage on a Force.
  71. Lost on client quests...
  72. Help with a sword build...
  73. Guide Auto Words/Marco Guide(Open Beta Version Fixed)
  74. 4th Client order for Maloo.
  75. Guide Matter Board quest #3 (Zeno)
  76. Partisan 2-hit launch skill
  77. What do you do in desert mission 2?
  78. Mag question about stats
  79. Force Talent Tree Talk
  80. Personal room
  81. Guide Request (Guide request) Video tutorials
  82. Guide Promoting Team/Guild Members
  83. Help-Freeze Ignition
  84. Better way to fed a mag for RAcaseal?
  85. Hunter Tips?
  86. Basic Item Translation (Grinders, Photon Drops, Etc)
  87. Mag Stats
  88. JP PSO2 Need help with a quest. Philia
  89. Guide How to unlock Hard Caves
  90. JP PSO2 Hunter talent tree discussion
  91. JP PSO2 Shifta duration?
  92. How can Ranger Solo boss quickly ?
  93. newbie question
  94. accurate instructions on how to multiparty with specific people
  95. JP PSO2 Ranger Talent Tree Discussion
  96. How do you make an awesome room?
  97. tip on drop item and traps exp gathering
  98. PSO2 Significance of racial stats?
  99. "weak points" in bosses that increase drop rate.
  100. Please help(Noob Question)
  101. Targeting removed?
  102. JP PSO2 Stuck In Story Mode
  103. Maloo's 2nd client order?
  104. Starting a multiparty.
  105. Wiki Client Order Guide
  106. Weapon Drop Rate Boost
  107. Stats and System Question
  108. Grants and Gigrants?
  109. done something cant fix
  110. PSO2 A way to modify gamepad keys?
  111. Equipping Technics
  112. blacked out items?
  113. Learning PAs and Techs
  114. I just finished the mandatory tutorial
  115. Some notes on weapons
  116. talis cast tech from self not card tip (cast like using a rod)
  117. JP PSO2 Medical center Photon drinks
  118. Untranslated Philia Client Order
  119. How to make a pure atk-force Mag?
  120. Noobish questions I know
  121. Guard Stance Up for Hunters
  122. Hunter Techniques
  123. Guide Turn off the UI for screenshots :D
  124. Stat Construction with Mag
  125. What's your base Shooting Attack, Rangers?
  126. JP PSO2 AC Shop Price List & Discussion
  127. JP PSO2 Force Affixes for a gunslash?
  128. hunter - setting photon arts to keys 1-6
  129. Item JP Wiki's List of Weapons
  130. PSO2 on Linux
  131. what's the new koffee client order?
  132. JP PSO2 Level 100 mags info
  133. general mag trigger action study thread
  134. JP PSO2 unsheathed option for running?
  135. Best way to gains exp ?
  136. Matterboard Help!
  137. Guide [video] PSO2 Registration+Login
  138. Guide Chronological PSO2 guide to level 25
  139. Getting a party up and running ?
  140. PSO2 How to change ID name
  141. Hunters - Which side of the tree did you pick?
  142. Cheaters in PSO 2
  143. Grinders.... Anyone?
  144. Zanba Affix/Special Ability
  145. Mag max level?
  146. Will my feeding plan work?
  147. Having trouble with “Subdue Caterdran”
  148. Rare weapons
  149. タリス特訓・IV Client order problems.
  150. panther lunging reverse swipe attack
  151. just guard tip
  152. What weapon and build for hunter
  153. New Story Translation and TimeLine Thread
  154. Megid
  155. english?
  156. how do i get to multiplayer
  157. Hunting in this game is a bit strange...
  158. What do I do after level 10?
  159. PSO2 Quest Help Please!
  160. JP PSO2 Requesting 5th Matterboard Translation
  161. JP PSO2 Mag Cheat Sheet
  162. Approximate lv 30 FOmar stats?
  163. Lisa's head model for female casts
  164. PSO2 Wiki
  165. Guide New Players Look Here: A Series of Video Walkthroughs
  166. JP PSO2 Guide for tekker
  167. Can you poison real bosses?
  168. graphic settings
  169. i cant look
  170. Multi-Party?
  171. JP PSO2 Lisa's client order for 5 sp
  172. Breeadas appear randomly?
  173. How do I display Character names above my character and others
  174. Guide Friend Partner System Tips
  175. Techs ?
  176. Redhaired Nurse client order help.
  177. Guide Chat Bubble Macro Guide
  178. Megid!!????
  179. My Ranger is going the unique route
  180. Any consensus amongst the Mags?
  181. help!
  182. Mission Gameplay :)
  183. Looking for some questions
  184. Cant turn in this quest?
  185. Skills/Mag for a defense-based Hunter?
  186. Question regarding on quest description window
  187. Rappy Arrest
  188. Why can't my ranger use guns?
  189. homing emission aiming tips?
  190. What armor units do we need to wear?
  191. apparently megid is a bug
  192. Guide Questions Pls Help!! (Mags,Skills,Etc..)
  193. Ultimate PSO2 Guide: How to Sign up and Install PSO2
  194. [`] Clone of Oneself or Friend [`]
  195. JP PSO2 Problem with the ore extraction quest in the desert..
  196. Fo-Cast stat difference, why are they so bad?
  197. Code Avoid
  198. Consensus on max hunter DPS?
  199. Mag Evolve info
  200. Affix/Gear reference spreadsheet
  201. JP PSO2 FUN and AC Item Tickets
  202. Weapons Training IV (Client Order)
  203. Mag Food...
  204. Element transfer
  205. All about PSEs and Bursts
  206. Any tips for soloing Vol Dragon as a hunter?
  207. Any guides for items
  208. Guide PSO2: Crash Course. My 3 Part Video Tutorial, to get you in the game and playing.
  209. longer missions?
  210. Tips for Selling Items in Player Shops?
  211. How to get new maps?
  212. JP PSO2 weapon rarities on damage output!
  213. Guide PSO2: Account Registration Video Tutorial
  214. City raid timer?
  215. Team names?
  216. JP PSO2 Video tutorials for PSO 2
  217. What is the point of different mag types...?
  218. Guide Friend partner guide : Personality setting effect how A.I. will act.
  219. Force Armor?
  220. Guide Repeatable Quest Guide
  221. JP PSO2 Can't Add Friend
  222. Weapon damage for forces
  223. Need Help For Tech Mag stats
  224. How to play "legit" on PSO2 like PSO.
  225. Player housing Guide?
  226. Guild Flag.
  227. JP PSO2 "Why doesn't my copy paste find the things i want in player shops?" Answer is here!!!
  228. JP PSO2 Sabarta?
  229. Cant equip this armor piece.. why?
  230. Hunter Skill Tree Effectiveness?
  231. Calling all rangers, questions and wonderings
  232. umm what is this?
  233. Party problem
  234. New Character what is shared between accounts?
  235. From human to cast
  236. Attack lock on troubles
  237. Can rangers use techniques?
  238. PSO2 Main Menu Is Blank
  239. Problem within Startup Menu
  240. is there any possiblity for a melee FO
  241. What enemies inflict what kind of damage?
  242. Matter Board 2 E-5 drop
  243. How can I link a planned multi-party together?
  244. How Do I add someone to my friends list and send them a message on PSO2?
  245. Red weapon, no questionmarks?
  246. JP PSO2 Uhh, what is this?
  247. Technic Discussion
  248. PSO2 Map View?
  249. How to reliably get PSE Burst?
  250. pse burst on arks quests