View Full Version : Is there a material guide anywhere for SH?

May 27, 2015, 12:14 PM
Really could use some 11* stuff and upp for my TMGs.

May 29, 2015, 07:31 PM
Have you ever lvled your GAs? Try it in first place. When you have at least all your GAs at lvl 21-22 from that weapon, and in the case that you can recognize the japanese characters, trying to farming in heroic SH missions (any mission with the 難 character, which means... difficult) for cores and materials.

Because I've beaten near all the SH difficult, you should get at least 3 or 4 copies of the TMG that you want, all of them with elemental core, unless you're lucky and you can get a core with 複合連牙 (Tech Arts JA Bonus with 50% of power) or, in the case that you really want to focus in chase advance, getting cores with element lower resistance (preferrably one element since the all element have got lower chance...).

May 30, 2015, 02:34 AM
I got my TMG GAs Infinity Fire up to lv 25 and Elder Rebellion to Lv.24
I got a couple of cores with 50% element of choice, i usually just switch around depending on mission as i canīt seem to stack them more.
I will look into element lower resistance more as well.

Now i just have this Yasminkov9000M Tmg as i havenīt bothered to make several copies of them.
As for the skill board side, i have looked up the names of most skills so i can sum them up.

1- Standing Snipe
2- Zero Range Advance
3- Pinhead Snipe
4- Weak Hit Advance
5- R-ATK Up 1
6- R-ATK Up 2
7- R-ATK Up 3
8- R-ATK Up 4
9- Weapon Equip: Twin Machine Gun
10- Elemental Weak Shot
11- Elemental Weak Hit
12- Weapon Equip: Piles
13- Quick Weapon Switch Above
14- Quick Weapon Switch Below
15- Average Stance
16- Tech Arts JA Bonus

Skill Combos:

1- Twin Machine Gun Mastery
2- R-Atk V
3- R-Atk IV
4. Concentration

Classes atm are: Ranger lv.111, Buster lv.101 and Force lv.22

I have beaten SH missions up to the area with Quartz Dragon as a boss but is optional.
But things still takes ages to beat so a motivator is nice.

May 30, 2015, 02:52 AM
How about HU class? You should lvl up that class for Fury Stance, which is obtainable at lvl 52, iirc. Plus you can combine Fury Stance + Element Weak Shot for Fury Stance Up, and that damage bonus can help you.

Plus, since I've seen that you've got Average Stance, but not Aerial Advance for combining it with Average Stance and getting a bonus of 10% while using that Stance.

And finally, I've got another question. Have you've got another skill board build for Piles?

May 30, 2015, 03:04 AM
My Hunter is Lv.100. I like to try more combos, but iīm not sure what combos is better since i have no room left.

I donīt really use the Pile weapons so i just slapped the Pile weapon skill for that R-ATK V:500 combo.

Jun 5, 2015, 04:20 PM
I'm sorry for posting late. I was busy with my job...

To be honest, you should drop R-atk up 2 and R-ATK Up 3 for Fury Stance (Which combined with Element Weak Shoot you can get a 10% boost damage) and Aerial Advance (Which combined with Average Stance, you can get a 10% boost damage). With that change, you rarely need the combo of R-ATK 1 + R-ATK 2 + R-ATK 3 for just 150 more of R-ATK... plus R-ATK 1 + R-ATK 4 can make R-ATK 5 so... you can get a good build.

And finally, if you don't use piles, you should remove the skill from your board, for getting a supplemental skill like Technic Usage for improving the Tech Arts JA Bonus or, in the case that you're lvl 127, using R-ATK conversion form removing temporarily Fury Stance for not receiving the additional damage because that skill.


Jun 6, 2015, 04:35 PM
Thanks for the advice, i will look into this.