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Mar 21, 2021, 04:24 PM
Anything Gu related here, will edit the thread some more later on but for now I'm just going to provide bare info

[spoiler-box]Chain Trigger
- Activating a charged Twin Machine Gun PA creates a "chain count" that increases with attacks.Hitting the spot again with a charged PA results in a powerful Chain Finisher.
(Main Class Only)

Chain Trigger Quick Reload
-After the Chain Finisher, it reduces the amount of time you can perform a Chain Trigger again based on the previous "chain count."
(Main Class Only)

Chain Boost
-For a limited time after the Chain Finisher occurs, it changes the behavior of the TMG weapon action. In addition, it increases the attack speed of TMGs based on the "chain count."
(Main Class Only)

Stylish Roll Arts
- Pressing the PA button during the TMG weapon action will consume PP to generate a powerful attack.

Stylish Roll Strike Back
- Successfully evading with the TMG weapon action will cause the next TMG PA to increase in power while consuming more PP.

Stylish Onslaught
- For Twin Machine Guns, pressing the weapon action without inputting a direction will make you rush forward. [/spoiler-box]





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