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Mar 21, 2021, 04:31 PM
Anything Fo related here, will edit the thread some more later on but for now I'm just going to provide bare info

To see the Talis demonstration, please skip to 48:28 from the last NGS livestream

[spoiler-box]Photon Flare (Active Skill)
- Increases your Max PP and the power of Force weapons for a limited time.
(Main Class Only)

Charge PP Recovery
- PP will recover naturally even while charging a Technic with a Force weapon.

PP Convert (Active Skill)
- For a limited time, it decreases your MAX HP while increasing the speed of natural PP recovery.

PP Convert Increase
- Increases the number of times PP Convert can be used.

Resta Field Force
- Recovers nearby players when you use a Resta sign.
(Main Class Only)

Rod Technic Keep
- When using a Rod, the charging status of a technic will be maintained if you perform step or weapon action when charging a technic.Therefore, the next time you use the same technic, the charging time will be reduced and PP will not be consumed. [/spoiler-box]





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