View Full Version : Microsoft Store Stopped Working? NGS Error 640 Can't Update the Game

Sep 3, 2021, 06:05 PM
Has the Microsoft Store just...stopped working for anybody else?
I have not been able to get on since Tuesday's update. The "game version doesn't match error 640", which, it tells you to go to the Microsoft Store and get the update. Every time before this (obviously if the game was running) you'd go to the shop and it'd update the game fine done whatever. But now...it's like the store doesn't sense there's an update? You can't refresh it? There does not seem to be a way to force the game or the MS Store to check for updates at all.

Why does the GAME ITSELF not have the ability to download it's own update?
Why do I have to go to someone elses' place to do it?
It seems like it'd be common sense to have some kind of like...device within the game that even if it wasn't automatic (because of rules or something) could be pushed by the player to check for, and then download updates.

What can I do?
How can I get the update so I can actually play?
(If they do this once, you can suspect they might do it again in the future too...)
Thanks for any help from anyone else this may have happened to

****UPDATE 09 06 21
Because I hate troubleshooting or error posts where the person doesn't come back once more events happen or things get resolved.

Battled this stupid issue all week. Nothing you can do in the MS store, or to windows (no troubleshooters, no updates, no nothing) will get the store to update the game on 09 06 or before. Got mad enough to get the game on Steam because at least Steam specializes in games and probably knows what updates are.

If you are having the above MS Store problem (at ANY Point even if this post gets old and comes up in google searches later) DO NOT DO THIS
DONT go get it on steam! (Or anywhere else)

You need that specially generated by PSO2 code Account Link Code because Steam counts as "another system"
If you experience the MS Store no Updates Error 640 you'll ALSO know that the game won't give you the Account Link Code because you can't get to that screen due to.............No Updates! (Error 640 stops you at ship select screen, Account Link Code comes from the following screen--if you have this you are effectively permanently trapped in limbo unable to get the code to leave until MS Store fixes your game for you. )

Do Acct Link Codes Expire? YES THEY DO.
Account link code only lasts 15 minutes each time it is generated.

But if you don't have one all your chars are perma dead because help says this:

"Upon reading your email, it appears you need assistance with your account link code. I sincerely apologize for this unfortunate incident as I will not be able to assist you further. Only the original platform of the account you want to link (in this case, Microsoft version) can issue the account link code. The PSO2 support does not provide such service as it is beyond our operating capabilities.

I understand there is a recent issue where the MS Store has stopped updating the game. Please know that the relevant department has already been informed of this case. Normally, we would suggest to the player to uninstall and re-install the game. Then another problem arises and this time, it's Error 640. An investigation by our Dev Team regarding this matter is currently underway. For the meantime, you may contact the Microsoft Customer Support for assistance."

So no one can issue codes but your original game, and Sega blames the MS Store (rightfully so), but then they magically do nothing about it for a whole week while an event is on.

Heavens forbid that the Steam Version over-writes the MS Store version of this 100 Gigibyte game because you're really not getting that code then. (So, of course it has done this for mine) With your only hope being to RE download the MS Store version of NGS, then get back to Error 640, wait until MS gets off lazy butt, makes their store work again, then get the update, get the code, and put it into the Steam version so you can abandon the MS Incompetence version. (You know they're gonna do it again in the future) This ought to work because the MS Store NGS is tied to your Xbox / Windows games account name/label which is not over-written nor deleted if NGS is uninstalled or overwrites.

Will update again with whatever resolves this.
The Microsoft Store version of the game fails to update when Microsoft breaks its own store / it is all their fault
Account Link Codes are deathly important and can only be obtained in one way, Error 640 prevents you from getting yours