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  1. Have you started playing JP ver yet?
  2. I'm so bored help me finish building my PC lol.
  3. Yeah I currently play FFXI somewhat... That is where I went to when I got bored of PSU fast.
  4. I'm doing good too, I'm not really on AIM very often anymore, I mostly use MSN. What have you been up to all these years?
  5. I'm good right now are you still on AIM? What've you been up to?
  6. hi2u hotjon howare yooou?
  7. hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. I'm not too bad right now. Except my stomach is in a whole generation of new pain. I currently play FFXI well I HAVE been playing for years anyways but, I'm still here and plan to buy PSO2 whenever I hear some new news. Then again I also own FFXIV so there might be some stiff competition.
  9. HOT JON! Its nice teo hear from you again, it HAS been so LONG. how are you?!
  10. hi ashley how've you been?! i miss you & cara so I thought I'd drop in to let you two know that I'm doing ok!
  11. nice!
  12. Hey I got PSP:2 in the mail so I should be online sometime soon!
  13. Hey do you have AIM or anything I need to talk to you.
  15. Hey how've you been sorry it's been so long. I used to know you & Cara quite some time ago!
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