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  1. lol hey Neith, good to hear from you. I miss you and everyone I played with during our PSO days. I do have an account and character in PSO JP but that was just to test the game when it first came out. I'm pretty firm on waiting for PSO2 EN to come out since I rather have everything in eng and have a couple of irl friends that do want to play but don't want to deal with all the extra patches and signup.

    If Sega doesn't announced anything this year I'm thinking of just staying JP.
  2. Hey 09! I just saw you post in the PSO2 SEA thread. I'd honestly recommend just going with the Japanese version of the game instead of SEA. SEA version is way behind and has ridiculous things like costumes that bind to your character (so you can't trade them) and abilities built into costumes. The Japanese server is the one I would recommend. I'm on there and I know Aim is as well. Would be cool to see you!
  3. So, PC/PS2 PSU is shutting down lol >_>

    I won't be moving to 360 (too much work to get leveled up and find all my gear again). I'll still be on XBL and hanging around here though, hoping for another console/PC Phantasy Star game

    Maybe I'll play the private server for BB for a bit, I don't know.
  4. Nah, I gave up Guild Wars a long time ago I finished University too, but then took a total career change (there were no jobs ANYWHERE in what I'd studied at University). I'm currently waiting to start an Apprenticeship in Administration, should be able to start soon.

    As for PC/PS2, not many people (at all) play PSU now- a lot of people left due to boredom and lack of updates. I myself am taking a break until we get a new update, seeing as I have all the rarz I need

    As for the PSOGC crowd...Aim used to play, not sure if he still does. I've not seen him in a while, but I have been inactive for about 2-3 weeks now. Also (not sure if you remember him) diZZy/hyper <acute> plays on PC/PS2, but he's been pretty ill lately and is only just getting back to normal. I play with a couple of people from PSOBB who are really cool, but it's very rare I see any of the old PSOGC crowd now. Used to play with Ryna a little, but it wasn't a common thing.

    Anyway, thanks for adding me on XBL- great to catch up again too. I can't believe last time we spoke was 2006
  5. Noooooooo XD I was hoping that all the old PSO player can play on one common platform =P Are they any players from PSO like you in PC/PS2?

    I have been good, I just graduted from college and working. =P The last message I got from you was 01-19-2006 x.X Can't believe time passed by so fast. That's so long ago, lol. Are you still playing Guild Wars and still have a lot of University work to hand in? XD

    My gamer tag is nhat09 and I'll add you too.
  6. Hey, glad you still remember me

    I don't play on 360 PSU (I play PC/PS2, but even on that I'm taking a break at the moment), but I do have a 360 that I use for other games. Add my GT (UrikoBB3) if you want. After PSOGC, I played Blue Burst for ages, and finally moved to PC PSU. I'll probably be on PSP2 once a US/EU version is released though.

    Anyway, how have you been? Not seen you in ages Good to hear from you again anyway, ill send a friend request while I remember.
  7. Yeah I remember you XD I was looking through old messages remembering the good old times playing PSO. I saw one of your old messages so I just checked your profile to see if you are still active, lol. A whole bunch of old pso players haven't been active for a while but a few like Ragolismine, sharky and you have been. =P

    You play on the 360 for PSU? I might be seeing you guys all soon.......... =P
  8. Hey 09, just noticed you'd looked at my profile. We played a little way back on PSOGC (my username here used to be UrikoBB3, and I used a HUnewearl either called Uriko or Terra). I don't think we played often, but I definitely remember 09/Zenneth. Anyway, good to see you still hang around here! No worries if you don't remember me either, it was years ago now
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