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  1. Thanks, Dhylec!
  2. hahaha being a Mod and a vampire hunter keeps a lot on your mind.
  3. Thx, you remember my b-day better than me.
  4. Happy Birthday to the ARKs Defender, Dhylec have a terrific day!
  5. Thanks man, you daman!
  6. Happy Birthday, Dhylec, Slay you some Vampires!
  7. Ooops sorry about that, it seemed odd to me too I was wondering what went wrong, but at the same time I did want to miss it. The important thing is you enjoyed your day!
  8. bit early, but thx for noticing
  9. Happy Birthday Dhylec the Mod!
  10. thankz
  11. Happy Birthday to pso-world mod, Dhylec!
  12. Thank you for the Birthday greeting, Dhylec!
  13. At 35, I think it's da man indeed. ;]
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